When your son says he wants a Star Wars birthday party then Jedi Training it is! Earlier this year we were at Hollywood Studios and that was really his first exposure to Star Wars. He got a kick out of meeting the characters and seeing them in the brief show they do throughout the day in the middle of the park.

Hollywood Studios Chewbacca

From that point on he said he wanted to have a Star Wars birthday party this year. I had been thinking about how to handle the party this year as I do not want a ton of kids at the house anymore. After thinking for a few days it hit me that martial art places to parties. I hoped that I could find one that would do a short class and the kids can go through ‘Jedi training’.

Star Wars birthday party, Jedi training.  Chewbacca, table decor, centerpieces, favors.

We have never done any martial arts so I called Family Martial Arts first since they are the closest to us. I didn’t even tell her what I wanted. She just explained how they do parties and it was right on target so sign me up!

My dilemma this year, and it’s so dumb I know, was how do I decorate. We had family at the house later that day so I wanted some decorations here but going all out is challenging when the party is somewhere else.

Balloons make a big bang for not a ton of money. The challenge for me is hanging them. They stick out so it’s not as simple as draping the fishing line over a Command Hook. I did two balloon garlands. One for the house that I could put up the night before and one to take to the Jedi Training party.

Star Wars birthday party, Jedi training

Balloon Garland Tutorial

The one for the house had about 60 balloons and the one to take had about 40. There are plenty of ‘how-to’s’ out there but it’s really simple. I used 3 different sizes of balloons and 3 different colors, white, silver and black. Use a balloon pump to blow up that many. FIY…fingers will start to feel raw from tying so many! Don’t max out the size either. You do want to almost under blow them up as you will need a little bit of a tail at the tie end.

How to make your own balloon garland.  Star Wars birthday party, Jedi Training.

Once they are blown up you just take two and tie them together. Pick different sizes and colors to tie together and do this totally random. The next thing you do is take fishing line and just wrap it around a pair of tied balloons. You repeat this over and over. This is where you can play with the arrangement to make sure you are mixing sizes. Don’t put all large balloons next to each other or all small etc.

Tutorial over…back to my Star Wars Party Story 😉

I wanted the backdrop to be something I could use at both locations. I just designed a banner and had it made at buildasign.com. The downside of choosing to do this is that I guessed at home for where to put the balloon garland since the banner was going to the party first. My placement of the garland could have been better so it went more along the banner but oh well.

Star Wars birthday party cupcakes, Yoda and BB8 with simple cupcake toppers. Jedi training.

With having the two different locations and kids I figured cupcakes would be the easiest but I still needed to do a small cake. The Tae Kwon Do instructor helps the birthday kids cut their cake with a sword. How cool! For the cupcake toppers I kept it simple and did a print/cut with my Cricut.

Credit once again for the super awesome looking and delicious cake and cupcakes goes to Creative Cakes in Tinley Park. They did our wedding cake and this is now the 6th birthday cake. I tried to decide if I had a favorite and they are all just too good! You can try and pick if you want by going back to the other parties.

Star Wars Birthday Party, Jedi training party with awesome cake cutting!

I can not take credit for the centerpiece idea, it was all Pinterest. We needed the characters because a couple of them went on the cake. I have vases and glass containers galore and also have the sand and moss so easy peasy lemon squeezey…done! The characters came from Amazon.

Star Wars Jedi Training Birthday Party Centerpieces, simple decor with items you likely already have.

Have you ever looked into renting a character to come to your kids party? Good grief, the price is ridiculous for an hour. As much as I wanted Chewbacca at a Star Wars birthday party (which places didn’t have him to rent anyway) there was no way I was going to pay $250 . The next best thing…renting the costume! There is a costume rental company in Chicago ( Chicago Costume Company) and having a really tall brother came in handy. Uncle Scott made the perfect Chewbacca!

Chewbacca costume rental for a Star Wars birthday party

The kids did a 45 minute tae kwon do class. After classs they took a break for food and then went back in for nerf gun wars and an obstacle course. The kids had a blast! The birthday kiddo even gets to break a board. We did not know that and it happened so fast we couldn’t get the camera quick enough. We do have the board as a souvenir though 😉

Star Wars Jedi Training Birthday Party, Martial arts and Nerf wars

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