Harry Potter Trunk Or Treat

The big Harry Potter interest started back in 2020. Today it’s 2023, yep I’m behind in writing about it! Our first big thing we did was a trunk or treat with my MOMS Club group. Our theme that year was a Harry Potter Halloween. I will give you all kinds of tips and guide you through how I decorated our Harry Potter Halloween Trunk or Treat really like I was planning a Harry Potter party.

Harry Potter Halloween Trunk or Treat

Harry Potter Party Free Printables

There are so many great people who graciously share their free printables! A starting point to figuring out what you want is to find those freebies. You can go from there on what you need to make or buy. Don’t re-create the wheel 😉

Harry Potter Halloween Trunk or Treat Printables

Harry Potter book covers are great. Find the dictionaries, Bibles and other larger books you have at home. You can buy packs of paper that look like parchment to print them on. However, I had a roll of brown craft paper so I just cut it to size to cover the length of the book and also to fit in my printer. An 8.5×11 piece of paper isn’t going to cover a book but when you stack the books you don’t really need it to be perfect on the top and bottom. You just want the spine and top book to look seamless. For any part of the book showing after stacking I just cut and taped more craft paper.

A Hogwarts banner is a must for any Harry Potter party. This printable is already colored so I did use my printer ink and just printed on white cardstock. Simply punch holes in the corners and thread through some kind of twine or string.

Another Harry Potter party must are house banners. I printed these at home but if you wanted them larger you could send them to a local store that still does photo prints.

Finally, what’s a Harry Potter party without something related to platform 9 3/4? Add the printable to a brick wall and you are at the train station in London!

Items Already At Home

Several other Harry Potter party decor ideas you may already have at home. Lanterns and flameless candles are popular home decor items so go grab what you already have. Halloween or even St. Patricks day items you may have could be cauldrons, black table cloths and broomsticks.

Harry Potter Halloween Trunk or Treat

To hang the candles so it looked like they were floating just like they do in the Great Hall at Hogwarts I used a safety pin and poked holes in the flameless candles. The ones I have are not solid plastic. They are a softer waxy material so the safety pin went right through. Having a fisherman in the house means there’s always fishing line handy! Thread it through the holes and then find places in your trunk that you can tie it too.

Harry Potter Halloween Trunk or Treat

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