Have you ever heard of the video game called Splatoon2 or even seen any birthday party ideas around it? Nope, me either! Back in 2020 someone told us about this video game thinking JP was at the right age for it. As with most of you I’m guessing you watched way more TV than usual come March of 2020 and on. We hit up Youtube to find what Splatoon2 was all about and JP was instantly hooked. Having never even played the game he said he wanted a Splatoon2 birthday party.

We were fortunate with the timing of when our state went into the re-open phase because venues were now open for parties by that summer. He wanted it at a sport training facility near by called Velocity All Sport. It’s a great place for a kids party because they have a trainer there to lead the kids through games so it’s not just a free for all the whole time. So far we have been doing 2 parties because there are no other kids in the family. We rent someplace for the kids and then back at the house have the family over. I plan and decorate 2 places! It’s a choice, I know 😉

The premise of Splatoon2 is that you ink splat as much as you can in your color against another team or person (I think, I’m not really sure). I still haven’t played and it’s 1.5 years later at the time of this writing! What I could figure out is that you just splatted ink and the most ink color won. Would you believe there actually is some Splatoon2 party décor in the stores? If you’ve been a reader for a while you know I don’t just go with what I can buy, I need to put my own spin on it.


For the first time I just texted invitations. Everything came together quickly and I didn’t really have time to get them printed and sent. I guess I left the ‘old’ times and got with the new for this instance!

Splatoon2 birthday party invitation

First up is the kids party at Velocity.

Table Decorations

When you are not at your home to start setting up the night before big backdrops and other complicated items are hard. I put my cutting machine to work and cut out ink splats in different colors and sizes. I used those as ‘confetti’ on the tables with simple black table cloths so the bright colors really stood out. For the centerpieces I did use the Splatoon2 balloons, weighted them down and put them in painted mason jars I had from a birthday party we threw a couple of years prior for Joes mom. I put some ink splats on a skewer and stuck those in the mason jar as filler.

Cake and Favor Table

I’ve also become a fan of a smaller personalized cake and then complimentary cupcakes to go along with it. It’s so much easier to just serve a group of kids a cupcake instead of cutting the cake. It’s also a little easier on the bank account to keep the ‘fancy’ cake smaller! It all works well with our 2 party situation too because we don’t cut the fancy cake at the kid party, we just have him blow out the candles and take the cake back home to sing happy birthday again.

I did the same black table cloth and the ink splat cutouts on this table too. I’ve used these cardboard cupcake towers several times now so they were a good investment and have held up. You can see them in use for our Star Wars birthday party too.

For the favors I got the paint buckets at Party City and had slime, Splatoon2 temporary tattoos and a couple of snacks in them. I personalized each one with the kids initial and more ink splats and dripping ink. It was the perfect Splatoon2 birthday party setup.

Splatoon2 birthday party cake table decoration and party favors
Splatoon2 birthday party favor

Party at home

Coming back home I had limited time to prep so the backdrop was all setup the night before. I used the roll of black craft paper and just more Splatoon22 ink splats taped directly to it. Balloon borders are something that can be made ahead too. The cake and some cupcakes came back home and we were all set for the next round!

The Splatoon2 birthday party took place in the summer of 2020. I told you I would be doing blog catchup!

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