The last 2 years were sure challenging year for many. If you are like me I am sick of talking about it so lets just leave it at that! However, I bet a lot of us did tackle projects around the house. I guess there were a few positives. What was on your list? My first project was a budget friendly bathroom makeover. We then spent time and organized our storage area in the basement. That sure was not fun but very much needed. Joe added a lot of custom shelving to stack totes and holiday items better. It was a good way to purge as well! If you haven’t moved recently when was the last time you went through a storage or basement area? Ours really hadn’t been that long as we finished the basement about 5 years prior but goodness it still needed cleaned out and re-organized.

Organizing a basement storage area probably isn’t that exciting of a project so for this I am going to share a project I tackled almost 2 years ago now! It’s a little late sharing but I always forgot to do my ‘after’ pictures of my budget friendly bathroom makeover when the bathroom was clean. There were a few reasons for doing this project. JP was still insisting on using our big soaker tub for baths. I wanted him to use his own bathroom and get out of ours. The hall bathroom is realistically never going to get a full blown remodel as there are several other large projects I would prioritize over it. Finding a budget friendly way to do a bathroom makeover was the only solution. Finally, time. We sure had a lot of time at home on our hands in the spring of 2020!

First tip for a budget friendly bathroom makeover

Use paint that you have leftover from a previous project for the walls. Most bathrooms, other than master bathrooms, likely have a small wall space to cover. I used paint we had leftover from the family room, Revere Pewter. It is a nice neutral greige.

The next thing was to let JP pick out a shower curtain…with guidance of course. I picked a few that I was happy with and then let him pick from there! I am not that cool of a mom, my OCD would never allow a free for all on that decision! My goal was for it to be his and boyish but not like a little kid bathroom. There is very little of this in-between look. It’s either things you would pick for your own bathroom or very little kid-like.

Tip 2 for a budget friendly bathroom makeover

I did some research on painting cabinets. I had a couple of friends who had just used special ‘cabinet’ paint. Although they both said it was easy to work with, the reviews on them weren’t great. At the time I also felt that the cabinet paint was a lot more expensive. If you are looking into it now things may have changed. It seemed from the research I had done elbow grease to sand and using semi gloss latex paint was the solution I felt was best for us. While this isn’t a high traffic area like a kitchen I did anticipate JP being a little rougher on things as he gets older.

I had honestly never done any sanding like this before. I removed the drawers and doors and did that work in the garage. Even with an electric sander that is supposed to collect the sand there is dust everywhere! If you’ve never done this either let me warn you that your hands and arms will not be thanking you 😉 In the end it will be worth it though so keep going. When it came time for the actual base of the cabinet I stuffed a towel under the door to prevent as much dust from going out of the room as possible. It is still going to be a mess in that room. During all of the sanding it is best to wear a mask…like a real work mask…not the disposable or cute ones you’ve recently purchased.

When you finish sanding you need to wipe everything down with a wet rag to get rid of all of the dust. You want a nice clean surface.

Another tip that I thought worked best was to just use a paint brush to paint it all. I bought one of those tiny rollers but my style of cabinet had too much detail that it wasn’t worth rolling the flat parts and then using a brush to get in the nooks and cranny’s. Just brush it all and be done with it! I did use two coats of paint. One coat may be enough but I may have sanded more than I really needed to so in some spots the paint did not get back down into the grain of the wood on the first pass.

Our vanity is a long one at about 7 feet long and gentlemen’s height, just shy of 3 feet tall. With 2 coats of paint, 1 quart of paint was still plenty.

Tip 3

Use the leftover paint from the cabinets on décor items so they match. I made these 3 wood signs to go along with the fish theme. Even if you aren’t ‘crafty’, many things you buy may be able to be painted. JP has a big wooden letter J that someone gave him and I repainted it when we re-did his room. Don’t throw everything out as many are great repurposed!

Added Bonus

An added bonus of waiting so long to write about this budget friendly bathroom makeover is that I recently added a new product to sell. I love requests from customers. I had made some wood signs to take to the shop I have store space at, Simple Impressions Boutique and Market Place. There is a lot to catch you up on! Anyway, the customer wondered if I could make the sayings that were on the signs into mirror decals. I did a little QA testing as it was a new material for me to work with and now I offer mirror and window clings. Again, more will come on that too. These are the ones I added to JP’s bathroom as my testers.

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