I am going to take you on a long journey on how the wood block signs came to be. Back in the spring when the quarantine started everyone was busy with home projects. When you are stuck at home there is no better time to start checking things off the to-do list. We did not have any big projects to tackle just a couple of little things that likely never would have been done.

We organized the storage area in the basement and built shelves so totes and boxes stacked and fit better. Who ever does that?!? Organizing basement storage is usually so low on a list that it likely will never get done!

One thing I tackled was the upstairs hall bathroom. JP was using our bathroom with us. The big soaker tub uses too much water and it is time he starts using his own bathroom.

That bathroom was still the same as it was 15 years ago when Joe built the house. It also is not on a list to do anything with. I had a couple of friends who had recently painted kitchen and bathroom cabinets so I thought I could do that. Paint the walls, cabinet and get a new shower curtain and he could have his own bathroom.

I am still finishing some other decor so a more detailed post about the bathroom will come later.

Having a spruced up space means new decor. I had also been thinking about non seasonal specific things to put in my tiered tray. I came up with a few ideas for some smaller wood block signs that will stand on their own and do not need to hang.

My wood block signs are all painted. It is not vinyl lettering. I have also added them to my Etsy shop.

Hello Sweet Cheeks Wood Block Signs

Add a little humor to the bathroom without being too obscene with hello sweet cheeks.

Hello Sweet Cheeks Wood Block Signs

Wash Your Hands Wood Block Signs

Sometimes kids need reminders. It’s never a bad idea to add those reminders for them to see!

Wash Your Hands Wood Block Signs

Brush Your Teeth Wood Block Signs

More reminders!

Brush Your Teeth Wood Block Signs
Farmhouse Wood Block Signs

Tiered Tray Decor

Seasonal decor is easy when it comes to finding things to decorate a tiered tray with. It’s during the summer or non specific holiday where I was lacking with the right things for the tray.

I Can & I Will Wood Block Signs

The cardinal is typically associated with winter or Christmas decor but I keep it out year round. They say a cardinal is a symbol of someone from heaven so it is nice to have around as a reminder of those we have lost. We put out a bird feeder this year because while cleaning out the garage we found old black sunflower seeds. The seeds were used as a trap for some other wildlife we were trying to dispose of ;). Now we have a male and female cardinal that we see most mornings and also around dinner time.

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