I think on a daily basis the phrase Wishin’ I was Fishin’ goes through my husbands head. He can literally stay on the water fishing from sun up to sun down if he is able to. I really enjoy being in the boat on the water but I can not fish for nearly that long. I take a book and at some point usually lay down and take a nap. And that’s just for a half day little outing!

Wishin' I Was Fishin', Wishin I was Fishin, door sign,  wood door hanger

This year he has had JP out on the boat. He’s been on it when we’ve taken it on vacation but not around here. When we’ve taken it on vacations we have a place on the water with a dock for it to stay. It’s easy to come and go for shorter stints that way. Where we live it’s just not that convenient if you aren’t sure you are going to last very long. It’s about an hour to the closest place to put the boat in and run the big motor. By the time you get it in the water you need to make sure you are going to be able to stay on the water for a few hours before having to take the boat out again.

JP is old enough now where he has the attention to fish for a while, then snack, then fish, then snack and by this time it’s usually time to move to a different part of the lake so the fast ride is a nice break. Then it’s the same thing, fish, snack, fish, snack. He is pretty good for 2-3 hours of this. Then we break out the Nintendo Switch so we can last a little longer on the water. As long as we have half of our pantry and electronics we are set…lol!

The only downfall is that I can no longer nap with this scenario. For my safety I need 1 eye on his casting. I don’t think a hook will feel very good.

Wishin' I Was Fishin', Wishin I was Fishin, door sign,  wood door hanger

Although Joe does not bobber fish I thought a Wishin’ I Was Fishin’ sign was still a fun project to do. It is now for sale too! I have added it to my shop so it is officially available for purchase.

Navigating Electronics

We have really tried to limit electronics. It is a plan C for us when traveling or on a the boat like mentioned above. Santa did break down and bring the Nintendo Switch this past Christmas. It still has time limits but has brought out another thing of having to watch YouTube videos of other people playing the games. I’ve checked with other parents and we aren’t alone in this. Is it an age thing? Is it a boy/guy thing? If allowed I really think JP could watch this all day.

There are some games we can play as a family so the Easter Bunny did bring a second set of Joy Cons so we can all play at the same time. We do also have the Fit Ring game so on cold or rainy days when we can’t really get outside for some exercise there’s no playing it until time is spent exercising. Goodness, I think I may sound like a drill sergeant 😉

I think for an upcoming birthday we may need to get some kind of charging base like this one.

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