5 Custom Chicago Cubs shirts

Chicago Cubs Custom Shirts -Take Me Out To The Ball Game

We all need Chicago Cubs custom shirts! It had been several years since I had been to Wrigley Field for a Chicago Cubs game. A tough things for this Cubs fan to handle is that our local baseball league is sponsored by the Chicago White Sox. Ugh, putting the uniform on is hard! The last couple of years we have been to a Sox game with the league but hadn’t been to a Cubs game in years.

We are a divided house. Well, I really just think my husband likes to give Cubs fans a hard time more than he supposedly dislikes them.

This year marked a milestone birthday for my dad as well as milestone anniversary for my parents. My dad isn’t into the spotlight. Instead of a party we opted for a fun weekend in Chicago which included a Chicago Cubs game.

This occasion just screamed for Chicago Cubs custom shirts!

5 Custom Chicago Cubs shirts for a group outing

JP’s was easy, he had not been to a Cubs game yet so his is a first game shirt.

First Chicago Cubs game custom shirt

My husband’s was a little tricky. I had come up with a couple of ‘anti’ team sayings but he must not have liked them and found the nightmare saying.

Anti Chicago Cubs fan custom shirt, I had a nightmare that I was a Cubs fan

I feel like there is so much you can do with the word LOVE to replace a letter and make it fun. These are perfect for the females in the group. I made this for both my mom and I.

Chicago Cubs LOVE custom shirt

I fully admit that the Cub Style is not my original idea but it was perfect for my brother. While the idea is not original, I did fully created the image.

Wrigleyville, Cub Style (Old Style) Chicago Cubs custom shirt

Last but not least was the birthday boy. I wanted something that called out his birthday but not necessarily the age. I didn’t think he’d wear it much outside of the game if it had something so specific. It probably will still just be a lounging or yard work shirt but I still think it is fun.

Fly the W for my birthday, Chicago Cubs custom shirt

The great thing about these Chicago Cubs custom shirts is that they can apply to any team you would like!

You can also find a ton of fun gear and accessories for your favorite team at fanatics.com






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