I mention each time I write about clothing how I do not like shopping. I have several articles in the past about Stitch Fix and Amazon that reiterate that fact! If you recall the current Amazon Prime Wardrobe works a little different than Stitch Fix in that you have to go through the Amazon site and pick the items you want. You do not have a stylist like you do with Stitch Fix that picks the items based on your profile and note.

I recently had an opportunity to preview the Stitch Fix model from Amazon Prime Wardrobe. While this new model has not launched yet, I feel it still needs a little more work.

A test of the new Amazon Prime Wardrobe model

How The Test Amazon Prime Wardrobe Works

First of all you are not able to fill out as detailed of a profile or select from as many style preferences as you can with Stitch Fix. I feel the more choices or details you can provide the better an algorithm or stylist can pick something that may work for you.

Also, there is no note section. You can not indicate that you are going on a beach vacation and only want items for a beach vacation. If that’s what you are shopping for then you could get an office appropriate blouse or jeans which is way off from what your are looking for.

One good thing to note is there is no styling fee with this like there is with Stitch Fix. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think I’m getting any deals, the fee is in there somewhere 😉

Once you say you are ready Amazon Prime Wardrobe goes to work and picks a number items for you. They notify you that your items are ready for selection and you up to pick 7 items. There honestly were not 7 items that I cared for out of my options but I picked 7 so that I could do a review for fit.

The Clothing Details

BB Dakota Next Level Printed CDC, JAG jeans marla legging, Amazon Prime Wardrobe

The top is BB Dakota Next Level Printed CDC size small for $34.68. This was a nice top. It fit nice and was a top that could easily be dressed up or down. Throw a cardigan or blazer over it with slacks for wearing to the office or pair with a pair of lighter shorts. However, I did not keep this as I just don’t need tops like this right now.

Although I don’t need any jeans I was actually kind of excited about these jeggings. These are JAG Jeans Marla Legging in Fluid Denim size small for $50.99. I have another pair of jeggings of a different brand and they are great, the comfort of leggings but you don’t look like you are going to the gym! The length of them was off for me and I felt like I looked like I had short stubby legs. Another return.

I do love me some shoes! While my days of wearing cute heels on a daily basis are gone and traded in for filp flops and Chucks if the right pair crosses my path I may still snag them up 😉 The Kenneth Cole REACTION Gal T-Strap Low Wedge Sandal had some potential…but they fit a little strange.

I am wearing a size 9 and they were $65. The strap pieces did not connect. The strap going across the toes was a separate piece from the part going between the toes and up the top of the foot to connect around the ankle. Having separate parts made them move funny causing them to look too big with loose straps but the shoe was not too big length wise. I have a pretty narrow foot and you can see my foot looks like it is hanging over the edge too. These just weren’t working for me.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Great Gal T-Strap Low Wedge Sandal, Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Next is the J.Crew Mercantile Tie Sleeve Striped Collarless Button Down Shirt. I am wearing a small and this shirt is $45. This shirt was one I really just picked to fill my box and be able to give a fit review. It is not my normal style and I just do not have the occasions to wear this style very often.

J.Crew Mercantile Tie-sleeve striped collarless button down shirt, Democracy Ab Solution Ankle skimmer jeans, Amazon Prime Wardrobe

I did a few different angles of this. The first one is a half tuck so you can see how it looks in a semi polished style. The body of the shirt fit well and for a moment I thought it might surprise me and be a keeper. Then I started looking at the arms because I always have a problem with sleeve length. Check out that picture, it’s way too short. I thought well maybe it’s short enough to be intentional and not supposed to be long sleeve but that just did not work The third picture is full un-tuck and it’s not a long shirt at all. I barely had enough to tuck in. This would really be a good shirt on someone shorter.

The jeans paired with the J.Crew shirt are the Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Ankle Skimmer Jean size 6 and $68. I have pair of Wit & Wisdom Ab Solution skinny jeans from Nordstrom and they are some of my favorite jeans. Different brands have different sizing of course and my Wit & Wisdom’s are a size 4. If you come across jeans with this Ab Solution I highly recommend you try them.

Next up is the BB Dakota Women’s La Land Flutter Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress in size 6 for anywhere from $40-88. The price seems to be changing on this one. This is a big no for me. It technically fit fine. Surprisingly the low cut actually wasn’t bad if you are comfortable with this kind of thing. I wore a normal bra and bent over and moved around ok because the dress is a snug fit. The length isn’t terrible on me, as you can see it is below my fingers. However, I feel like I am way too old for this style and it should be on a teenager…although a teenager doesn’t need to be wearing anything that low cut. Looking at the picture as I write this makes me cringe.

BB Dakota La Land Flutter Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress,

Last up is the Miss Me Sunset Graphic Tee Shirt size small for $30. This shirt is super see through. You can see the color of my jeans vs. skin through the shirt. I would also have sized up and been more comfortable with the fit. Even if this did fit better I will not pay $30 for a thin, see through tee shirt.

Miss Me Sunset Graphic Tee

The End Results

The only thing I kept were the Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Ankle Skimmer Jean. I was really just looking for casual summer tops or tanks and possibly shorts. With no note section it’s up for grabs as to what you get.

At check out the options for selecting why you are returning the items are very limited. The limit on options do not necessarily indicate the true reason. It was a multiple choice of options like fit, style, price etc. and no free comments. For example the J.Crew shirt didn’t fit but it wasn’t because it was the wrong size, it was the correct size just not long enough. A larger size wasn’t going to fix that. It also wasn’t the style of clothing I wear very often. For that particular one I selected fit because if I picked style then the algorithm would think it fit which it didn’t…again, Amazon Prime Wardrobe needs to modify the return and closing process.

I do hope that they make a shift because the appeal to shopping models like that is time. People work, have kids, kids activities so having someone do the time consuming aspect of shopping is appealing. Anyone can sit at their computer and add items to a shopping cart. Most stores have free returns so the current Amazon Prime Wardrobe model is not unique. Making the shift with a hopefully a few improvements in the process will help them with a more unique service for people to take advantage of.

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