Baseball season is here and we kicked it off with a baseball parade.  This is one of my favorite times of the year. Sports defines the seasons for me.  When baseball starts it means warm weather is near.  When football start it means winter.  Guess which one is my favorite!

Being from Illinois you have a few teams to root for. Well, really there is only 1, the Chicago Cubs of course!

This year my husband and I are coaching the Tball team.  Our local league is sponsored by the Chicago White Sox, everyone is the Sox, just a different team color.  You have no idea how hard it is to put that jersey on!  My husband coached youth football for several years and neither one of us handle sitting on the sidelines doing nothing very well!

Opening Day Baseball Parade

Opening day is a big deal, the organization has a parade and teams decorate trucks, throw too much candy and have a lot of fun.

This was my first time decorating for a parade and walking in one. I felt like this parade moved way faster than I expected, I think I ran more than walked! The fire department led the way so I assume they know what they are doing. They just don’t appear to move as fast when you are sitting watching them go by.

For our baseball parade I knew I wanted a banner with the kids names.  I came across these 9″ baseball paper plates on Amazon and then I just used cardstock in our team color to cut out names and numbers.   I used a small hole punch and then twine to string them.  

baseball parade decorations

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We had a few other parents help with decorations too which is always super helpful.  You take on volunteering to coach and coordinate everything but having extra help is so much appreciated!  We had tissue poms which are a fun and easy way to add some bang for your buck.  Balloons are also a good way to add as well.  Plan ahead though and check out the helium situation.  For the last several months the stores around us don’t always have helium or won’t fill balloons you already have due to a helium shortage. 

Fun DIY Personalized Baseball Items

Not only are we having fun coaching but I also get to put my creative spin on things too. The league gave us a case of balls so that we can make each kid the player if the game and they get a game ball. I added a twist and put their name on the ball for a fun personalized treat.

baseball parade, personalized baseball

I also started making fun sport themed personalized water bottles.

baseball parade, personalized baseball waterbottle

A co-worker of my husbands has been offloading a ton of baseball gear his kids have outgrown so we have a neat line up board. I couldn’t just do field positions on paper, thats too simple 😉 I always need to complicate things and made a fun clipboard. This is not my best work but I know what happened with the Modge Podge and it still works so oh well.

Baseball Parade, personalized baseball, baseball clipboard

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