I love the look of having special pillows out with the rest of your seasonal home decor. When I look at Pinterest or Instagram it always looks so nice and classy to have fun different pillow home decor. Reality though, pillows are not cheap and where do you keep them? That’s a lot of bulk to store somewhere!

Custom pillow wrap, personalized pillow cover home decor

The wheels in my frugal mind have been spinning. I can get blank pillow covers and work my magic to personalize them like I have done with ornaments. That solves a part of the storage dilemma. A slight twist is that pillows on our couch actually get used, they are not just there for looks. A pillow must be a comfortable material to lay your head on, not rough like a lot of pillows or covers are.

When I get ideas on something I want I often have a hard time finding just the right thing. I over analyze. EVERYTHING! By the time I think and think about something I’ve gotten pretty specific in what I am looking for. I believe it likely exists, I’m not that complex of a person that something needs to be invented. Sometimes it just takes a little while and fine tuning the Google searches.

I did find some pillow covers this summer that will be nice and I had plans for making some 4th of July ones. However, those plans came and went just as the whole summer went. Currently they are still sitting there blank!

I wasn’t thoroughly convinced that this was the end all be all solution and came upon the pillow wraps. Now this is what I’m talking about!!!

Let's Stay Home pillow wrap, custom pillow cover home decor

Tell me you don’t need these wraps for your pillow home decor in your life!

The Details

They are a cotton/poly blend and machine washable. They are great on 18-20 inch pillows. Confession, I have no idea how to measure a pillow. I purchased the buffalo plaid covers and it said they were for 18 inch pillows. I bought two 18 inch pillows and it’s perfect. However, when I measure the pillow to figure out my design size in no way did I get 18 inches. From seam to seam across is about 16.5 inches. I thought well maybe it’s like a TV and you measure diagonally. Nope, diagonal is about 23 inches on those.

The larger pillow I had at home measures about 18 inches from seam to seam across and about 25 inches diagonally. The wrap is 40 inches and as you can see has a good amount of velcro on the back so you can have it fit a variety of sized pillows you may already have.

Give Thanks custom pillow wrap, personalized pillow cover home decor
Custom pillow wrap, personalized pillow cover home decor
Boo custom pillow wrap, personalized pillow cover home decor

The pillow home decor wraps are available in Faux Burlap, Orange, Black, White, Grey, Khaki and not pictured are Red and Navy. I can do any customization that you would like and not just the ones I have pictures of. The design color options are included in the Etsy listing. If you have a picture of some inspiration just send it over!

If you know me or are local just message me for your order that way we can avoid Etsy fees and shipping 😉

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