Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 7th is Chocolate Ice Cream Day.  Who needs an excuse to eat ice cream though, certainly not us!!  
Supplies needed:
-brown paint
-foam paint brush
-full sheets of paper (in colors that brown paint will show up on)
-paper for ice cream and cherries
-brown marker
-glue stick
For this craft I cut out the ice cream shapes and cherries from one of the Sizzix Eclips cartridges I have.  JP’s foot is so big I had to kind of merge a couple of the melting layer to make it fit right across the ‘cone’!  
It’s easiest to get the best and most even coverage on the foot to use a foam paint brush to apply to the foot.  You need to press down especially in the arch area.  You can see that I didn’t do that good enough so I just used the paint brush to fill it in.  
While the paint is drying you can add on the ice cream and toppings.  Once the paint dries you can use a brown marker and make the ‘waffle’ effect on the cone. 



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