Fit4Mom Mother’s Day Craft

This week we are doing a big celebration of moms all week.  The best thing is that it’s a week of free classes for people to try out.  Every class…Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby, Body Back and the running club.  How great is that!  There have been a bunch of new moms out this week too!

This is a great group because there are options for having your kids with you.  Moms are great at taking care of everyone else and often tend to forget about taking care of themselves.  In order to take care of everyone else you have to be healthy yourself.  Physically, emotionally and all around balance for yourself makes taking care of everything else being a mom demands much easier.  When you find a group who welcomes you, ponytail and sometimes uncooperative kids with no judgement just open arms its such a relief.  It’s your own little support community for advice, play-dates, moms night out oh and don’t forget the whole point of the group…fitness!

It’s also great to teach the kids that mom is doing something for herself and that exercise is an important aspect of your health.  It’s so cute when they start doing planks or push-ups.  They take it all in and start to do what mommy is doing.  They learn too…counting forwards and backwards as time or reps are counted, lol!

Our craft this week was a hand print/flower.  We started by doing a hand print, then after the paint dried used marker to make the ‘flower’ around the hand print.  Next we cut it out and glued it on a popsicle stick.

Happy Mother’s Day!




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