This was a tough one for me.  I had scoured Pinterest and just wasn’t finding anything that was really catching my interest for a good project for all of the little ones we have in our Fit4MOM community.  I sat in the kids craft isle at Michael’s just staring blankly.  This is the idea that came to me.  
Supplies needed:
-8 1/2 x 11 foam sheets
-foam stickers
-letters for ‘daddy’
-glue stick
The D’s are cut out of foam sheets.  I made my template and just traced it backwards on what would be the back side just so my cutting didn’t have to be perfect and the front wouldn’t have the traced lines.
I trimmed the picture so it was the same width as the D and didn’t hang over.  JP loved the stickers.  I had to keep them out of his reach or he would have put stickers on everything!  I’m glad he has fun with them now because he went through a brief phase where he was really scared of them.  He would cringe and bring his hands to his body and almost panic.  It took some practice to work through it and show him there wasn’t anything to be scared of and now he loves stickers.
JP is one of the older ones in the group so I try to take what I’ve learned with him and help get these younger kids exposed to a lot of different things, work on different motor skills and still keep it fun for them.
Even the little kids were having fun putting the stickers on.

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