Things All Parents Should Know

What parent doesn’t want the best for their family?  Everyone tries to do everything in their power to do what they believe is best.  What do you do though when the marketing and advertising we see is deceptive?  We’ve all seen the commercials with little boys in the bathroom then “life’s bleachable moments” or ‘Bleach means clean”.  That must mean that’s what we are supposed to use to keep the house clean, right?


Did you know bleach is a registered pesticide?

Did you know the Sodium Hyochlorite is a neurotoxin, causing kidney and liver damage, severe lung damage and reproductive issues?

Did you know the Organochlorines & Dioxins (chlorine’s by-products) are extremely dangerous to your health and the environment?

Did you know the Dioxins (Agent Orange) are 300,000 more potent than DDT?

Did you know the Dioxins are a carcinogen?

Did you know the vapors interfere with brain function and have been shown to aggravate heart conditions and asthma?

Now that you know that would you use it in your house…around your kids?  NO WAY!

The manufacturers of the ‘leading brands’ such as Cascade, Johnson & Johnson baby products, Eucerin, Tide, Windex, Clorox, Pledge, Lysol, 409 etc. all have products with ingredients of concern like listed above.  Why are they allowed into our homes?

How much trouble would a person be in with the law if they were intentionally giving something that burns the skin, causes breathing problems or is carcinogenic to their kids?

Why are these manufactures allowed to do this to us?

Why, why why…I sound like my toddler with all of the questions!!

I don’t have the answers but I do have a solution.  There are safe manufacturers out there and not new ones either.  30+ years ago some people saw this happening and knew there was a need for safer more cost effective solutions in our homes.

Here is a great infographic summarizing some of the dangers with the ‘leading brands’.  Note I use the quotes when I say that.  For now they probably do have that title, it won’t be long before things change.  More and more people are becoming educated about what’s going on around them.  Be one of those people, know what you are using and make better choices.

Once we know better, we do better.


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