Leap Year

It’s a leap year!  What other fun way to celebrate than with a leap frog craft.  I probably do more handprint activities than what some moms would like because hands are typically challenging with little ones.  JP has been pretty good with them because when he was young and we would color or use the magna-doodle toy I’m not much of an original artist so I’d trace his hand.  I can copy but to just draw something off the top of my head is not really my forte.  After a while he thought it was fun so even before he was 1 he would put his hand on the paper and take the crayon and try to trace his hand.  It was 1 or 2 lines between his fingers but he understood what he was supposed to be doing.

After helping others with handprint crafts now I have come to realize that it’s not typical for a young child to keep their hand still.

Tracing isn’t too bad, no messy paint and you can fold the paper in half after you’ve traced 1 so you get 2 of them.  

For this project you will need the following supplies:
-Green paper
-White paper
-Something to cut circles and ovals

I pre-cut circles and ovals using my Creative Memories circle and oval templates.  I love Creative Memories!

Start by tracing the hands.  You can trace 1 and then fold the paper to cut out 2 if the kids don’t sit still for that part.

Next color the eyes.  I glued the eyes first and found it would have been better to color them first so you don’t get marker on the head or see a little white space.  You can see in the picture what I’m referring to.  It’s just my OCD when it comes to things like that and sharing my lessons learned with you!

Now you can assemble and add the nose, mouth and any personal information.

This is the closest thing I could get with JP and his project.  He kept wanting to turn it so he could see it.  Oh, the challenge of getting the perfect picture with a toddler!




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