Pinecone Bird Feeder

All kids need to be exposed to different textures and not just 1 time.  I remember the first time JP felt grass, he’d army crawl off of the blanket and touch it and didn’t know what to do about it.  If you sat him in it he would lift 1 leg up so it wasn’t touching and try to lift the 2nd leg up.  He’d look at you like what on earth are you doing to me.  It was new for him so he had to learn.  It’s like that with all textures…sand, stickers etc.  I try to incorporate some of that into our weekly activities with the kids.

I also try to do the craft ahead of time with JP.  One reason is to make sure it’s going to work ok and I have all of the supplies but another reason is so that I can help the other moms do it and not try and get one done with him.

I had some pinecones leftover from another activity I did with a different group of moms/kids so I was looking for ways to use them up.

What you’ll need:
-Peanut Butter
-Fishing line (or something to hang it with)
-Something to cover your work area

Start by scooping the peanut butter and using the spoon to push it into all of the crevices of the pinecone.  

Once you have it covered in peanut butter roll it around in the seed.  You can see that this is going to be messy.  It’s hard for them to leave the seed alone and in the bowl!

After you have the seed all done then you can attach the string.  I just tied it to the top row/point of the cone.  Some other moms thought it would be easier to put the string on before you start with the peanut butter.  I am a little ocd when it comes to some things so I think if you had the string on you’d get peanut butter on it.  It’s your call, but those are some options for you!!

We hung ours on small bushes outside the front window so JP could see it.  We didn’t see any activity that day but the next morning the whole thing was gone.  Nothing on the ground, it was just gone.  We did a couple more and the same thing happened.  They were both gone one night.  We live at a dead end next to a field and have wildlife.  There are hawks and owls that hunt the field, opossum, squirrels, coyote and who knows what else so one of them found some food for the winter.



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