I am the playgroup coordinator for my Fit4Mom group.  Once a week after our Stroller Strides class I have a brief activity that we do with the kids.  It’s been fun!

This post is a little late since it was a craft we did right before Christmas but I’ll get caught up someday.  I don’t have step by step pictures but it wasn’t difficult (in theory).  JP is older now so if I say leave your hand open he will.  If you have a baby, 2 people might make it easier to manage when it comes to getting handprints.


reindeer handprint (1).png

I’ve found it’s best to paint their hand instead of trying to dip it.  You can get a nice even coating and in all of the right spots.

You’ll need:
-Craft paper
-Fuzzy balls (small and red if you want Rudolf)
-String or pipe-cleaners for hanging
-Hole punch

Start by making a handprint on a solid colored piece of paper.  Let it dry and then you add the little embellishments for the tail, hooves, antlers, eye and nose with the markers.


Cut out the handprint using the handprint shape as a guide.  Next adhere the print to a patterned piece of paper and again, cut out the shape.

Now you can glue the nose on.  I added the nose before all of the cutting and found it difficult, it was sticking up in the way so it’s just easier to add it last.

Finally, you can punch your hole and add your hanger.

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