Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

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Another year has come and gone and JP is now 2.  Everyone told me it would go fast and I’ve noticed all along but it doesn’t help slow it down at all!  That’s why I love that I can be home with him so I can soak up all of these fun moments.

We have started to watch a little TV.  Sometimes I just need to get dinner cooked or something done and need his attention elsewhere.  It’s life, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about doing it a little.  I say that but still have that ‘mom guilt’ that I’m not paying attention to him.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of his favorites.  Mickey Mouse was his first unprompted 2 word phrase and Mickey Mouse House was his first unprompted 3 word phrase.  That only meant that we needed a Mickey Mouse birthday party.  This year I did do most everything for the party myself so I was happy about that.  We kept it small this year and once again managed to forget to get us in pictures.  I think it was our pictures for our Christmas cards last year that was the last picture of the 3 of us.

All of my printables were designed in my Creative Memories Storybook Creator software.  I purchased a Disney paper pack and this software is a breeze!

Come Inside Its Fun Inside was cut with my fabulous Sizzix Eclips and eCal software.  Mickey is popular so I was able to find free SVG files and fonts.
The only thing I did not make is the banner.  I just ran out of time so I found the perfect colors and patterns in a printable from Fay Town Creations on Etsy.  

The centerpieces were done with the same Mickey SVG on my Eclips.

The cake was from the wonderful Creative Cakes.  They never disappoint!

I tried to come up with food for each character and was actually able to do that!  Not pictured are Toodles Noodles which was a pasta salad and the Professor’s Potato Salad.  Those didn’t come out until dinner.

Chip & Dales chips and dip

Daisy’s garden veggies

Donald’s cheese & quackers
Minnie’s fruit kabobs

Pluto Punch (aka lemonade)
Pete’s Pretzels (spelled wrong…ha!)
I love making these pretzels.  They are so easy to customize colors for the party plus the sweet and salty combo is a winner.

We’ve got ears say cheers

Great Grandma and Grandma

Grandma and Grandpa


Uncle Scott

cousin Tyler

Great Uncle Jerry
He loves to swim
Cousins Tyler and Shawn
He couldn’t take his hands off of the string for the hat
Another sweet treat as a favor, chocolate dipped Oreo’s.  Half dipped in red with 2 white baking pearls.  Please enjoy some clubhouse treats for making my party extra sweet.  Thanks for coming!
Created in Storybook

3 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

  1. Unknown April 15, 2016 / 4:45 am

    Fantastic party! Any chance you would be willing to sell me one of your 'come inside its fun inside' signs? I love it and cant find one like it on etsy or any other sights 😦 you can contact me and jenny@hardywindows.com Thanks a mil!!


  2. dramamamma June 5, 2016 / 2:17 am

    looking for the sign too. how much would you charge for one?


  3. Lisa Bogusz June 8, 2016 / 2:57 am

    Here is the link for my etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/welcomingsentiments.


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