Reversible Spring and Easter Home Decor

Reversible Spring and Easter Home Decor

I love having seasonal decor items that are multipurpose. This reversible spring and Easter block set is perfect for the multi-use home decor.

I don’t know about you but in our area the craft or paint nights are huge. In the fall the executive board that I am on for a local MOMS Club chapter was brainstorming fundraising ideas that will support our community service projects. I brought up the craft nights because they seem to be a hit. Not everyone is into them but you are never going to find something to please everyone. Even if a handful of us can get some friends together it would likely be much more profitable than some of the things we had been trying.

As I started calling local businesses that I know other similar events had been at I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it would be to find locations so willing to allow this. I was all prepared with an explanation along the lines of we are a non profit, this is a fundraiser etc. Not once did I have to say who I was with or explain. There are a few local places extremely flexible and willing to have craft events at their place of business. It’s smart if you ask me, the more exposure the business gets the more potential future customers they get.

Not all of them are so eager, some need food packages in the $15 range per person. You can’t build that much of an expense into the cost of a craft night and still make a profit. That is ridiculous.

As I was doing the investigation for all of this I had to make sure Joe was on board because he would be the one manning the saw for whatever project I came up with. Plus, he is way better at math. Figuring out measurements and sizes is much quicker and easier when he’s involved. I did offer for him to show me since this is just cutting a bunch of 2×4’s and he said no way. He said he was not going to get a phone call that I cut my fingers off…lol!

I had him cut a sample for me to do to make sure it was going to be a repeatable project, easy enough for all levels of crafters, and something simpler on my end being it’s the first event like that that I’ve done.

DIY Painted reversible spring and easter home decor

If you are local and want to come do this reversible spring and Easter home decor project with a group of people just click the picture below to sign up!

How To Make Your Own Reversible Easter and Spring Home Decor

For the supply list you will need the following:

  1. 2×4 cut into 2, 4 inch, 2, 5 inch and 2, 6 inch pieces for the Spring/Easter. Then 1, 7 inch piece for the Hoppy/Oh Hello
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Paint brushes in larger and very fine sizes
  4. Baby wipes
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Chalk
  7. Ink pen
  8. Design printed on paper

The first step is to paint the base coat of each block. Depending on how thick or thin and the look you are going for you may need a second coat. This dries very quickly.

After you have the base coat done you can give it some dimension by using a baby wipe. On the colors used a very tiny dot of white paint and with the wipe you just rub it on. You need VERY LITTLE paint and make the stroke goes the entire length of the block. Do not stop in the middle. If you have too much then use a clean section of the wipe and wipe it off. Be careful here because if you rub too hard or too much the base color will start to come off.

I wanted a little more dimension so I also did the same thing with a brown paint. I did even less of this than the white. Again, VERY LITTLE paint and wipe the full length of the block without stopping in the middle.

After this is all dry you can take sandpaper and distress it. I am always afraid to distress too much. In the pictures you can not see it very well but there is a little distressing to it. This is all up to you and the look you are going for.

For the stencil you take the back of your design and rub chalk on it making sure if you hold it to the light there is chalk on the design lines. Next you place the paper, chalk side DOWN on the block so you are looking at the design. With the ink pen you now trace the full design. When you have it finished, lift it up and the design is now on your block in chalk.

The last step is to paint the design. This is where you will likely need some very fine paint brushes. When you use small brushes you just can’t get a lot of paint on at a time. You will likely need a couple of coats to give good coverage. Again, acrylic paint dries very quickly. By the time you have it done once wherever you started will likely be dry.

A couple of tips when painting freehand like this: Do not do short choppy strokes. Do not lift that brush up until you need to reload paint or come to a stopping point in the design. Always use as long of strokes as you can. Also, it’s just paint. If you make a mistake just paint over it!

Future Home Decor Project

Be on the lookout for more group craft night projects. Putting together this fundraiser may have inspired more personal events in the future 😉 I am always up for suggestions so if you have any projects you would like to do just shoot them my way!

Something must happen in my brain around this time of year. It is almost exactly 1 year ago that I wrote this article, Do I or Don’t I ,about expanding my business. In the year since I wrote it I did actually do some of the things I talked about. Each step was a learning and growing experience and for that I am proud.

Be the girl who decided to go for it






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