Do you ever have little things in life that just drive you crazy but you deal with it or just never really make time to figure out a solution?  Well one of those things for me is when you get to the end of a bottle of lotion, conditioner, body wash, a condiment in the fridge…you know all of those things that you try to tip the bottle upside down to get the last bit of product.

You have no idea (or maybe you too are like me and do know) how many times I’ve tried to balance the body wash just right on the shelf in the shower between the other bottles so it stays upside down but doesn’t fall.  It’s becomes a challenge, what bottle do I need to use next because it can’t touch that bottle or it will all come tumbling down.   As much as I love challenges like this because I will win…sometimes it gets old.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with these issues!

Enter these ingenious things.

bottle saver

bottle hack

I have no idea how I came across them, it was probably late night social media surfing which I said I was going to stop doing so much of.

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Amazon has a few options.  I started with this one and found that most of my bath products use the yellow adapter and this kit only has 1.  I had no idea how they would work or what size the adapters were.  In order to help you  all out here are the sizes of the adapters:

Yellow – 3/4″
Orange – 1″
Red – 1.25″

There is also this option as well which has more. I guess it just depends on how many you have getting empty at the same time as to which one you pick.  I have a feeling that I will need more yellow ones since that’s what size most of my non food consumables are.

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