How To Make A Christmas Countdown With Kids Activities

Just like you I am a Pinterest addict.  Admitting it is half the battle, right?  As I was looking this year and saw all of the Christmas countdowns and advent calendars I knew in my head what I wanted.  I wanted a combination of it all where you have the countdown with things to do.  I didn’t want one with treats or candy but more activities.

There are a ton of printable activity calendars or cute countdowns with just the countdown and I created one with both that you can use year after year.  As per my usual self I over thought and planned for this project in order for it to be re-usable and also so I could match the activities to days I wanted them on.  I didn’t want to bake cookies on a random Tuesday or drive around to see lights when it was a night I go and workout.

My solution…velcro!!  I’ll show more in a minute on that.

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I purchased the board at Michaels.  I used a 50% off coupon so I think it was only about $7.  We had some scrap wood from building the shed but for $7 a quick trip to the store is worth it for me.

I also got the chipboard stars at Michaels.

A great site for Oracle 651 is My Vinyl Direct.  They have a huge selection of vinyl and other blank items for projects.

The rest of the magic happened with my Cricut.

I played with the size and layout with scrap paper stars to make sure it would all fit before I actually cut or put anything on.  That is probably the most time consuming part of this.  Once I figured out how it was all going to fit I didn’t do any measuring or anything.  I just laid the stars out and eyeballed it and made a dot with a pen in the hole at the top and went back with the tiny nails to hammer in.


As I mentioned I wanted this to be reusable and be able to plan out when we do all of the activities.  I just typed them out in a Microsoft Word table, cut them out and used velcro to add them to the star.  This way I can plan what day they go on and we can re-use them.  I’m sure there will be changes to some over the years but a lot of them we can for sure continue to do.
You could get much fancier with this but it’s the back so I kept it super simple.



Here is our list this year.
  1. Family Game Night
  2. Build gingerbread house
  3. Ride the Polar Express
  4. Make paper snowflakes
  5. Open a book (I earned a lot of Usborne books for hosting a party)
  6. Go through toys to donate
  7. Open a book
  8. Bake cookies
  9. Visit Santa
  10. Go ice skating
  11. Open a book
  12. Picnic by the tree
  13. Open a book
  14. Watch a Christmas movie and have hot chocolate
  15. Go on a waterslide
  16. Ride go-carts
  17. Play arcade games
  18. Sing Christmas songs
  19. Take cookies to a neighbor
  20. Draw a picture for Santa
  21. Drive around to see lights
  22. Make reindeer food
  23. Watch a Christmas movie and have hot chocolate
  24. Put out treats for Santa and reindeer
Happy holidays to you!




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