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I love finding new and unique items.

As I make more time for my crafting I found a great site for blank items you can personalize.  They have a ton of cute and unique items as well as vinyl.  I love one stop shopping!!

My Vinyl Direct

Sometimes we shop at the same stores and see the same items.  It can get a little boring and repetitive.    This year I was looking for some sport team items for gifts and found the site   Maybe it’s not new to you but if you have someone who loves a certain team this is the place to be.

Big Savings for Big Fans at

Ugly sweaters are a real thing now, who knew!?!  JP even has an ugly sweater day in pre-school next week.  I see them all over in stores this year.  Check out some of these team ones, and it’s more than just sweaters!

These things are so awful they are fantastic! I guess that’s the whole point of the ‘ugly sweater’ thing though, right?

I hope you find the perfect unique gift for your sports lover!
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