St. Patrick’s Day

There are all kinds of fun things you can do with the kids for St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve done a lot of hand print crafts in the past and it’s a little challenging with the babies.  I wanted something with paint because tracing and cutting hands take a little time.  Time and free hands just aren’t something that go along with little ones running around or needing held!

I keep all of my corks from wine bottles so liked the idea of using that as the ‘brush’ for them to dip in the paint and dot on.  All ages can help with this to some extent.  I printed a template of a shamrock on plain old paper and just put tape on the bottom side and not even a lot.  Just a few places to keep it down.  Since the idea was to dot it on the canvas there shouldn’t be too much bleed like if you were taping off a wall to paint a line.

Remember how I always do the craft before hand with JP to make sure it’s going to work, well this time I completely forgot!  It was 9:00 the night before when it dawned on me what day it was and what our plans were for the morning.  I just had to hope it was going to work as good as I thought it would in my mind.  Thank goodness that it did!

I used 2 shades of green paint just to give it some variety.  I was a little concerned about how it would look if they were dotting both and it wasn’t dry but it turned out fine and looked really cute.

The kids did really well with this craft.  They weren’t messy and had fun.  The funny thing was they thought they were supposed to put the paint on the shamrock template and not around it.  I had to help JP with that because all of his paint was going on it.




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