For several months now I’ve been trying to decide if or how to start growing my craft business. Joe has always said I should sell things but there are a few reasons why I hesitate.

First of all is it is a hobby and often when a hobby becomes ‘work’ it’s not as fun. When thinking of what to do with my spare time and a hobby I’m way behind on my scrapbooking which is really how this other DIY crafting hobby started. Having too many scrapooking tools made it easy to branch out! If I were to grow a craft business my hobby time for scrapbooking would be even less than I currently give it.

Then there is the logistics of it all. I already have an Etsy shop but if I start selling things such as custom wine glasses, yeti cups, shirts, wood signs and other DIY craft projects how do I ship them? Shipping is expensive so how do you charge $10 for an item and an additional $10 for shipping. That’s just crazy to me. I know people do it in their shops and customers sill pay it but still, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

Next is the ‘people’ aspect and having customers. I know you can’t always please everyone but it’s bound to happen that a wine glass accidentally breaks in transit. Opps, accidents happen and as a customer myself I understand it’s not the sellers fault. As a seller if that did happen I would replace the item. However, for sure it will be the time where it was a gift or for a party and now the replacement won’t be there in time. Do I want to deal with that?

There is always an option to do local craft fairs. Pros of this would be the shipping and breakage issues mentioned above would be minimized. However, the thought of making enough inventory to sell and possibly sit on doesn’t really thrill me. Plus, do I really want to spend weekends sitting at a booth?

It’s so easy to sit and say eh, maybe I shouldn’t. It’s easy.

What do you think I decided to do?

Well, I didn’t just bombard you with quotes to say I just stopped thinking about it and gave up.

I am happy to share the expansion of my shop to include custom and personalized vinyl decals. I will be selling the DECAL ONLY for you to apply to your own cups, organizational bins, cars, laptops and other items you would like to personalize. It’s a win/win for everyone. I am able to keep my shipping costs down for both of us by just having the decal to ship and it solves most breakage/damage issues. I’m sure there will still be something lost or crumpled but this way minimizes the risk of that happening.

All vinyl decals will come with directions and anything you need to apply it yourself. It’s really not difficult, I know you can all do it 😉

If you are local to me don’t purchase via Etsy just contact me. Etsy does have fees so we can save those fees and shipping. Also, if applying it yourself does intimidate you I can help you or work out custom orders that will include the wine glasses or whatever it is you are looking to do.

You can visit my shop or the specific listings that are ready so far. I can do anything, not just what I have created in a listing so far.

St. Patrick's Day wine and beer glasses.  Cheers, A wee bit o wine, irish i had another beer, i'll be irish in a few beers
Personalized coffee mug for moms.  mama needs some coffee, coffee before talkie, shh, not yet, now you may speak
Be-You-Tiful, beautiful, decal for tumbler or yeti
Monogram Thermos, Yeti, coffee mug, wine glass, beer mug
Personalized name decal for school lunch items, thermos, yeti, lunch box, mug.

Personal referrals are always appreciated so pass my shop or contact info to anyone you know looking for a fun gift or party personalization!

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