35 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know…About Me

In effort for my readers to learn a little more about me I am taking part in a blogger tag   Happy reading and here I am!

  1. Are you named after anyone?
    My middle name is the same as my mom and grandma but that’s as close as it gets as far as being named for anyone.  I grew up in a small town where it seemed like half the population had the same last name so it was apparently just a matter of finding a first name no one else already had!
  2. When was the last time you cried?
    Last Thursday.  About 10 minutes before school was out we received a text that 2 buses were being combined and some kids might be later than normal.  On our normal bus there are only 6-8 kids and he is the first to be dropped off in the afternoon and last to be picked up in the morning.  He’s literally on the bus for about 3 minutes.  After waiting 10 minutes yesterday I started figuring out what I thought was happening.  There’s another bus that goes on the north side of the main road through our subdivision so these were the 2 buses combined and I saw it across the field at the normal time.  So I’m thinking ok they started there and are making their way west so it’s normal for those kids then making their way back east which would be reverse for us and now he would be the last one off.  20 minutes after he is normally off the bus still nothing.  Part of me was calm saying it’s fine but then part of me was thinking this is not acceptable for kindergarten.  I have no idea where my child is.  He has now been on a bus for 25 minutes.  I called the transportation company and they tracked the bus down and found out he had 3 more stops.  I hung up and cried.  I am that crazy mom because for a brief period I had no idea where he was…well I had a guess…but you know what I mean.  He got dropped off and it turned out it was his normal bus and driver.  As I’m trying to wipe the tears he runs off the bus so excited that he got to be with so many kids and see so many houses and be on the bus for so long.  The bus driver on the other hand told me he was not as excited as JP was 😉
  3. Do you have kids? If no, how many do you want?
    I have 1 son who you see a lot in posts.  We did not intend for him to be an only child but sometimes things in life aren’t in your control.
  4. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
    No, it’s burned bridges in the past and it’s not truly being myself.
  5. What is your eye color?
    Hazel/gold – they are different and often confuse people.
  6. Scary movie or happy endings?
    Happy endings.
  7. Favorite smells?
    -My son after a bath (thanks Koala Pals)
    -Fresh cut grass
    -Apple/spice in the fall
  8. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?
  9. Do you have any special talents?
    This isn’t very specific such as I can play the piano (which I sort of do) but I’m learning not everyone is like this. I just pick up and do whatever it is I feel like.  It’s hard to put into words but I think to myself…well I want to make this xyz craft and I just do it or I want to start a blog and the technicalities of it and I just do it or certain processes should be easier so I make them easier.  I hear people say I’m not crafty or I’m not tech savy or I’m not handy and I guess I don’t say those things…where there is a will there is a way.  Maybe my talent for this should be I’m a good with Google 😉
  10. Where were you born?
    I grew up in a tiny town in Illinois called Odell.
  11. What’s your zodiac sign? Do you believe in it?
    Cancer.  I’ve never liked it because of the word…cancer…I know it doesn’t mean health but still.  I don’t really follow it but there are several accurate traits that do pertain to me.
  12. What are your hobbies?
    -DIY crafts
  13. Do you have any pets?
    Not anymore.  When my husband and I met I had 2 cats and he had 1.  It was interesting for a few years when they were all under the same roof.   I loved them but after 18 years of cleaning litter and hairballs it is nice being pet free.
  14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I will let you know when I figure that out…lol!!  I have my dream job of being able to be home and raise my son.  It’s not all sunshine and roses but I can’t imagine doing anything else.
  15. Who was your first best friend?
    This would be Chris Erickson and Dan Davis.  I was a tomboy and ran around with the neighborhood boys.
  16. How tall are you?
  17. What is the least favorite thing about yourself?
    The fact that I’m not usually a good conversationalist.  My brother can make any stranger a friend.  That’s not me, I am not good with words.
  18. How many countries have you visited?
  19. What was your favorite/worst subject in school?
    I was never really a ‘school’ person.  I didn’t like it and really never studied.  I did ok, grades ranged from A’s to D’s…lol…that low wasn’t frequent but hey it happened!  I believe college is very important but don’t think straight A’s are necessary.  I had a very good six figure job when I quit working and was far from a straight A student.  It may help you get in a door but it’s what you do with the opportunity once you are in that speaks volumes.
  20. What is your Favorite drink? Animal? Perfume?
    Drink – water
    Animal – cat
    Perfume – don’t wear it
  21. What Sports do you play/Have you played?
    -In grade school I played softball, basketball and volleyball.
    -In high school I played volleyball, basketball and ran track.
    -I have golfed my whole life.
    -Snow ski and fish
  22. How would you describe your fashion sense?
    1 word…leggings!  Most days that are coffee dates, playdates and errands are super casual with leggings and messy bun.  Those are the days I’m with people that know me well and I feel don’t care who just rolled out of bed and ran out the door 😉  According to a style quiz I’m classic/whimsical…whatever that means!  If you really want to know check out my blog posts for Stitch Fix or Amazon.
  23. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)
    Android, we are not an Apple household.  The original iPod’s are the only Apple products in our house.
  24. Tell us one of your bad habits!
    If you ask my husband he will probably say that I leave lights on everywhere.  I do, especially if I know I am going back into a room in the near future.   Sometimes it’s a reminder for myself.  For example, I leave the light on in the laundry room if I have a load in the dryer that I don’t want to sit over night.  I know I will forget about it after we get relaxed and wind down for the night.  I leave the light on so that when I shut everything down before bed I see it on and think oh yeah, the dryer.  Sometimes there is a method to my madness…sometimes I really just didn’t turn the lights off.
  25. 3 things that upset you?
    -Our food/pharmaceutical/government triangle…it’s disgusting.
    -Knowing there are kids with less than ideal home lives and don’t have basic necessities (warm coats, underwear, shoes etc).
    -Cold weather – for some reason this fall/winter is hitting me harder than normal and I’m pretty bitter about it…lol!
  26. 3 things that make you happy?
    -My family
    -My friends
    -My time freedom
  27. What’s on your mind?
    -This exact moment, groceries.  I’m in a rut with cooking…see #26 and my mood about the weather.  I don’t want to cook so I can’t figure out my meal planning which means I don’t have a grocery list for the store.  I know, people have real problems and this is dumb.
  28. One word that describes you?
  29. What’s your favorite quote?
    Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  I don’t know if those are the exact words but I repeat it almost daily.  It helps me stay organized.  If there is something I’m considering putting off for no reason other than I’m feeling lazy I tell that to myself.  We all know if we put something off until later then when later comes something of importance is probably going to suffer.
  30. Are you an extrovert or introvert?
    Introvert.  My brain literally shuts down in large group setting where there is a lot going on.  This is likely one of the reasons for #17 and not being a good conversationalist.
  31. Do you consider yourself a good cook?
    Yes.  Thanks to my mom, Martha Stewart and Pinterest 😉  We always had nice home-cooked meals growing up so doing that myself was something I cared about and was interested in.  For several years Martha had a show and I DVR’d it and now we have Pinterest.   Aside from that though as long as I have a basic recipe I substitute and make changes like crazy.   I’m always trying to see how I can make something healthier or hide more veggies!
  32. If money were no object what would you get for your next birthday?
    A month long trip to Australia or somewhere in Europe.
  33. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
    A tropical island.  But really wherever JP is.  I hate the winter and we talk about moving south for retirement but in reality he’s all we have so my guess is we won’t want to be too far from where he ends up.
  34. What’s your favorite thing to have for breakfast?
    Sauteed spinach, mushrooms and peppers with 3 scrambled eggs.  I make it almost daily.
  35. What’s your favorite gadget?
    My immersion blender,  I use it all the time to hide veggies 😉

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