Amazon, everyone knows who they are and most people shop with them.  Are you a fan or has the fad worn off?

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As much as I love online shopping Amazon has lost it’s appeal to me.  Maybe I’m crazy but several years ago Amazon was the place to go for deals.  Business is business and as a rule businesses are supposed to make money but you sure don’t save any money with Amazon like you used to.   The return process is also a let down.  Every seller has different policies and for sure no free returns.  We’ve sucked it up and kept a couple of things that weren’t exactly as expected because the cost to ship back wasn’t worth it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still shop there but not nearly as much as I used to.  We are still Prime members, although it’s not free shipping…who are we kidding…shipping costs are built in somewhere.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe (1)

In the fall I got frustrated with a fix I had received from Stitch Fix, you can read about that here, Troubles of Clothes Shopping.   I headed over to Amazon to look into their wardrobe service.  It wasn’t available at the time to the general public, you had to be invited.  Well, last week I received my invitation.  I was super excited because every spring I feel like I need a few new things to refresh the closet.

My excitement quickly dwindled when I realized that I had to do all of the shopping myself.  This is not like other services such as Stitch Fix.  With Prime Wardrobe you have to shop and pick all of the items.

They have it set so you can pick between 3-8 items from any category, Men, Women, Kids and Baby.  This is nice because you can shop for the whole family.  You have 7 days to try your items and purchase or return.

However, not all of Amazon is eligible and not all colors or patterns of a certain item are eligible either.   At first you are in the main Wardrobe section and I soon found myself looking at items that I couldn’t add to my box.   Most of the brands are top name brands so you aren’t going to find many deals.  It’s like you are shopping at Nordstrom, not TJ Maxx.

Having to pick my own items was a huge downfall for me.  That sounds terrible, but I didn’t know that’s how it worked and it didn’t save me any time.

I was looking for some distressed jeans so that’s where I started.  I also thought this might be a good opportunity to try a couple of rompers and then added some tops.   I also picked a pair of shorts for my husband.  There’s no way I could get a picture to post but he did like them and we kept them.

AMAZON wardrobe (1)

try before you buy



First up is the William Rast Wolfe Ruffle Cold Shoulder Peasant Top  size small for $89.50.  I must not have seen the price when I added this to my box 😉  It’s a good thing it didn’t fit!  It’s hard to tell in the picture but it was too short.  When standing normally, not holding a camera or anything the bottom of the shirt barely went to the button of the pants.  The cut in the sleeves didn’t fit well either because I couldn’t move my arms forward, it was tight like a suit jacket.

The white jeans are Calvin Klein Destructed White Ankle Skinny size 28 for $89.50.  One of the pros about being able to have them for 7 days is that I wore the jeans around the house for a while.  I am looking for jeans that you don’t have to suck yourself into and then an hour later they stretch so much you spend the rest of the day pulling them up.  These stayed put after a few hours so this was a win!  I also needed to add a white pant to my closet.  I kept these!

My shoes are the Born Carme Cutout Sandal.


Now we have the BCBGeneration Pirate Blouse Romper size small for $77.33.  This is more like a swim cover-up.  The material is very thin and the key hole in front leaves very few movements you can make without showing yourself.  It was very baggy too.  This was not a keeper.






Next we have the Taylor and Sage Print Ruffle Flare Sleeve Off The Shoulder Romper size small for $38.  I am 5’9″ so if you are a few inches shorter than me you need to get this.  The material was a good weight and the shorts had a nice lining.  Other than the length it fit great and I really liked it.  There was just no way it could work for me, keeping the top where it should be meant it was riding up like you wouldn’t believe and made the shorts too short for any age.  Putting the waist and shorts where they should be meant the lace opening at the top went right across my chest.  Bummer but it wasn’t a keeper.




Finally we have the KUT from the Kloth Connie Ankle Skinny size 6 for $89.   I thought these may be a keeper but after having them on for a few hours they became the pair of pants you constantly pull up every time you move.  I probably needed a size smaller because there was a lot of room in the waist as time went on.  The positive about it though was even when they were falling down and I bent over the waist was high enough that I didn’t feel like a plumber if you know what I mean 😉  These went back.

The top is the Ella Moon Payslee Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Placement Print Top size small for $43.21.  This top was a keeper.  It fit nice and was comfortable.


wardrobe (1)


The box is easy for returns, you simply use the same box.  Each side flap has the Open Here perforation so you pull the tab when you get it to open it and then when you close it you peel the sticky strip off and use the other flap to seal it.  The return label is included too.  All you have to do is drop it off at a UPS location.

My verdict.  If you have the opportunity I think you should give Prime Wardrobe a try.  I really don’t like shopping and going to stores with a 4 year old and trying 20 things on to maybe find 1 or 2 that work.  Although I did have to spend time doing the shopping it was nice to have it delivered here and you aren’t charged until you check out with what you are keeping.

You just can’t go into this expecting to have inexpensive options or a time savings up front of someone else picking things for you.

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