Hidden Vegetable Tacos

Did you know that you can hide vegetables in tacos? Me neither. That is until I decided to get creative one night.


For quite some time I’ve added riced cauliflower to anything with ground meat.  This does a couple of things.  First off it it bulks up the recipe.  We buy our meat in bulk from a local farm, 1/2 a pig and 1/4 of a cow.  The ground meat comes in 1 lb. packages.  That’s not enough for us in most cases so bulking it up with the cauliflower cuts down on the meat consumption as well as cost.  Second, it adds more vegetables to our meals.  I buy the riced cauliflower from Costco.  It’s just too convenient and always have it in the freezer.

I do brown the meat first just in case there is grease to drain.  Most of the time there isn’t anything to drain but just in case there is a little I don’t want to drain any nutrients from the cauliflower.  I’m assuming that’s what would happen anyway, I’m not a chef or nutritional expert!  Once the meat is browned I add in the cauliflower and cook a few minutes longer until it’s tender.


For the liquid in the tacos I add a can of Organic Diced Tomato from Costco.  All of a sudden JP has decided that he doesn’t like ‘red things’ in his tacos.  As I got out my mason jar and immersion blender I decided to throw in some other vegetables and give it a shot.  I usually have mushrooms, peppers and spinach (or power greens) so I threw some in the mason jar.

taco sauce

I love my pink immersion blender.  I looked for one that has the bottom/blade portion that came off for easy cleaning.  The old one we had was 1 piece so it was hand wash and a pain.  I also love the pink…it’s the little things that make a person happy!  Here are a couple of places you can get it for a rather inexpensive price.

Disclosure:  Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.



Once the vegetables are pureed add them to the pan and simmer.  You can customize here a little, the longer it simmers, the more the liquid goes away so if you don’t want it runny then just let it simmer for a little longer.


I typically don’t had the taco seasoning until it’s simmered for a little bit because JP doesn’t like it spicy.  I add a little then pull some out to the side and add more seasoning for us.  You can then top with whatever other toppings you like on tacos such as cheese or avocado.

Enjoy your healthy meal!


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