Guide to Essential Oils

Who doesn’t love using essential oils these days?  While they are not ‘new’ they sure have become popular over the last few years.  The problem I have is that there is a ton of unsafe usage floating around the internet.  There are several oils that are very common that are not recommended for use with kids.  Some have a do not use until 2, some 6 and some 10.  Most people (who aren’t aromotheripists) don’t tell you that though.

This post is not about what brand I think people should use or to provide the education.  This post is to guide you to a couple of reference points that I have found to be pretty neutral and not tied to a brand.  I am not a certified aromatheripist so am not qualified to provide usage directions.

The first thing I will recommend is this book.

I purchased this book in 2015 and use it on a regular basis to this day.  It’s not a book you read cover to cover.  It’s more of a reference book.  It has information on each individual oil and it has a fantastic children safety section.  Otherwise you go to the back and look up what you are looking to use an oil for (cough, sleep, facial cleanser etc) and then you see the pages those topics are discussed with which oils to use and how.

The company that I prefer to purchase my oils from recommended this book.  They are HUGE advocates for proper training and working with professionals for safe usage.  They did a lot of research to find references people can use that is not biased and this book is what they recommend.

An online resource is Using Essential Oils Safely.  This site and Facebook page is run by a certified aromatherapist.  She has a lot of training and guidelines as well and she also recommends this same book.

I have been through the kids safety in the book and the site and written on the cap of my oils a number.  That number is the age it’s safe to use around kids.  I have a 4 year old so there are quite a few that I do not use throughout common areas of the house and having the caps labeled makes it easy for me to remember.

I HIGHLY recommend this book for any level of essential oil user.  If you are a beginner and not sure where to start or even if you have been using them for years this book will remain a valuable tool.

While I will not make any claims on what oils can do or tell you what to do with them if you ever want to know how I choose to use them in my house I will be glad to share.


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