Our front porch needed something.  Yes it’s one of the first things you see of the house but to ‘decorate’ it just seemed like a low priority since we don’t necessarily use it every day.  I did finally get some chairs and a table and it’s nice to sit out there.  I still need to sit in the driveway most of the time because our garage is not ‘in’ the house so it blocks a lot of the view when JP is outside playing with the other kids.

My mom had this old milk can that was her aunt’s.  Her aunt really used it for milk from the cows on the farm.  My mom was just going to get rid of it because she just didn’t want it anymore so I said I’d take it and do something with it for the front porch.

This is the before, when you see the close up you can see all of the colors it’s been over the years.

I did not sand or strip it.  I brushed it with a wire brush just to get any loose pieces off and then cleaned it with my multipurpose cleaner so it wasn’t dusty or dirty.  We always get our paint from Ace Hardware so for this I used the Valspar exterior satin and picked my color.  It went on really well.  I did 2 coats just because there were a couple of spots that went on thin the first time.
The Home Sweet Home is vinyl.  I cut it out with my Sizzix Eclips.  I didn’t coat or treat it with anything, it’s fairly covered on my porch so rarely gets wet.  

I thought about getting a flowerpot that sits nicely in it so it had flowers but I’m afraid the drainage on the inside will just accelerate any rust that it has.  I’d like this to last a long time so we’ll see.

Our next project is to paint the front door, it’s needs it bad.  I’m sure you’ll all see the transformation for that.  It’s stained now and is a beautiful door but the stain just doesn’t really go with the rest of the house.  The exterior is the red brick and we have a black roof so I’m leaning towards a shade of grey since color seems to be the trend these days.  

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