Summer Olympics

I love watching the Olympics.  Growing up I remember going through phases where there was a sport I wanted to grow up and do at the Olympics.  The first was gymnastics.  I never took gymnastics but my mom taught me basics and I even had that leotard that Mary Lou Retton had that looked like the flag.  Later in life volleyball was my sport of choice so that was always a favorite.  I was never a swimmer but my husband was and there were exciting races this year.  JP is becoming quite the swimmer so I wouldn’t mind steering him that direction instead of football.  My husband played football through college and yes, he does recall a time he likely had a concussion but was sent back in and never received medical treatment but it’s not just that as to why neither of us are sure about the sport.  It’s the broken toes and other bones and dislocated shoulders and bad knees from the years of abuse.  We’ll see, I tend to over think things too early!

For my Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby classes all month I did Olypmic themed classes.  Most were moves that sort of mimicked a sport or something you’d do in training for it.  For example, we did standing long jumps, squat jumps with the motion of shooting a basketball, agility training like quick feet in a ladder.  When creating the classes and looking at all of the sports in the Olympic games I realized how many there were that I had no idea were part of the games.

Our playgroup’s also had the Olympic theme.  The 1st week we did an opening ceremony where kids marched and waved flags and we did a closing ceremony the last week too.  Our super fun one was in the middle.  We painted the Olympic rings with toilet paper cardboard and also did a fun photo opp with sidewalk chalk.  I saw an article not long ago that manufacturers of toilet paper were making them without the cardboard middle.  I get it, it would be less waste but they sure come in handy for little kid activities.  We’ve done hot wheels down them, balls down them and they were perfect for this craft.

I was happy my chalk drawing turned out.  You just never know if what you envision in your head will be properly executed…at least for me anyway!



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