Beatles Party

Well we managed to pull it off. Mom was completely surprised and with so many people from a small town invited this is a big accomplishment! I had fun thinking of all of the ideas for the party. Some of them were not my original idea most were not necessairly Beatles related just good ideas that I incorporated. Here’s the scoop…

I started creating the invitation but decided it would be a good idea to put Joe’s nephew to work since he went to school for graphic arts kind of stuff. He created the album cover and then I took the image and added the pictures of my mom.

I even made sure the envelopes stuck with the theme using the font…

The centerpieces are frames I painted black and then used black electrical tape on the inside to attach the 3 together. I printed pictures of mom and Beatles related things on vellum paper. The glass is still in the frames, just not the back matting so the candle lights up the photo. Scott picked up a bunch of old records at Good Will so I just covered them with colored paper and we used those to set the centerpieces on as well as other decorations. The idea for the centerpieces came from Martha Stewart. The instructions for the tissue poms I also found on Martha Stewart. I know a lot of people don’t like Martha but I do and DVR her show daily!

The Oreo Album Pops were a last minute accidental find. I think I ran across them on someone’s pinterest board only they were decorated very elegantly. I decided to just use a white chocolate chip and make them look like record albums. 

The Abbey Road abstract I did find on Tip Junkie.

The Abbey Road table cloth I came across the idea while not looking for it. I was actually looking for outdoor curtains for our pergola. It’s just a flat sheet from IKEA that I taped off and painted.

The guitar picks came from Personalization Mall. These were a cute favor for all of the guests.

All of the food had names based off of something related to The Beatles.
-Rolls – Ringo Rolls
-Fried Chicken – Chicken & ‘Wings’ with Paul McCartney
-Mostaccioli – Mean Mr. Mostaccioli
-Coleslaw – Octupus’s Garden
-Green Beans – Let It Be-ans
-Baked Potato – Digging My Potatoes (they actually had a song that never made it to an album called this!)

Although you can’t see the details in the picture I did do this project to create ruffled streamers.



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