I made 50 of these as favors for my Grandma Henning’s 90th birthday party. She loves cards and we all remember the Oatmeal cookies she made. I thought the Queen of hearts was the appropriate card to make 🙂
Thanks Laura for sending me your Sizzix Q since the letters I had were to big!

One thought on “Grandma’s 90th BD favor

  1. I forgot to update this after the party. Grandma had so many people there that the 50 I made was not enough!! It was an open house so you never really know how many people will actually show up. We thought 50 would be plenty, 1 for each 'family'. I counted over 100 people in the guest book! I had to make more for us to have after the party. The ones I made for us were slightly different because I had given Laura back her Q and had my own Sizzix Eclips!
    I was the designated photographer because our gift to her was a scrapbook of the days events. I pre-made the album and just had to add the pictures, journaling and some other embellishments. She loved the album! I thought it was a tiring day I can only imagine how she felt!! She didn’t sit the entire time, she greeted everyone as they came and went all day. Hopefully I got those genes passed to me 🙂

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