Tall Girls – Finding the Perfect Romper

For those of you over 5’5″ you are probably in a similar boat realizing that maybe rompers are not meant for you.  For a couple of years I’ve had that thought.  I see all kinds of cute ones on people but any that I had tried were just way too short in that it’s riding up you know where something fierce.

I spent too much time this summer shopping for and trying on rompers in hopes that I could find at least one that worked.  Hopefully in this you can narrow down even further what may work for you.  There were a couple that indicated the model in the online picture was 5’8″ or 5’9″ but they must have different proportions because those did not work for me.  I could have a longer torso in relation to leg length of someone of similar height which could throw some of these off.  If you know your you are all leg then maybe some that are too short for me would work for you.

Disclaimer – some links may be affiliate links in that if you click on them and make a purchase at no additional cost to you I earn a small referral.

9 real life romper

9 rompers

First up are a couple from Nordstrom Rack.

The State one shoulder romper in coral size 4.  I loved the price point on this at just over $30.  The information on Nordstrom Rack’s site indicated the model was 5’10” so I thought this would be perfect.  It was too short and severely rode up.

A caution also on this particular color is that it was extremely see through in the bottom.  There was going to be no way of hiding anything.  Skin colored underwear still showed as well as lines, even with a thong and it was way too thin to go without.  Even if this was a great fit, it wouldn’t have worked for that reason.  The shorts desperately need some kind of lining.

The second one from Nordstrom Rack is the State V-neck Print romper.  The model height is 5’8″ and on her it looks plenty big.  This one was sooooo close to working.  It fit great everywhere, using the proper undergarments the bottom was fine but it was just a little too short.  I thought a lot about this one but ultimately decided that if I really needed to think about if it would bother me then it should be a no.

The next bunch are all from Amazon Prime Wardrobe with all except one, it was just regular Amazon shopping.  I’ve put them in order of what I liked the most to least and that’s not just indicative of fit.  It’s overall feel, fit and look.  They are all a size small.

Romper Style

Spoiler alert!  This is the only one that fit and that I kept!  Keep reading though to see more about why the others didn’t work 😉

BCBGeneration Women’s Flutter Short Romper.  I wasn’t crazy about the price on this ($88) but it is a full outfit, top and bottom and as you know due to the issues I have finding things that fit I sometimes just roll with it.  This fit great, it’s not low cut in the top, it’s long enough and it’s not too thin.  The only downside is that it ties in back up at the neck.  If you can’t tie on your own behind your back you may struggle when you are in a public washroom…lol!

Arockin' Romper

A.Byer Juniors Short Sleeve Printed Wrap Front Romper.  I really liked this one.  At $34 the price was great.  This was also lined, comfortable and pretty.  The issue…you guessed it…too short.  This might be ok for someone under 5’6″.

amazon off shoulder romper

This was another one that I really wanted to like.  It was in my very first Amazon Prime Wardrobe box and you can read the full details on my previous post.  In summary, lines, great price just way too short.

blue romper

Bright, pretty blue would be so versatile for dressing up or down.  Another romper I really wanted to like.  The Noisy May Women’s Mena Sleeveless Playsuit was just a regular Amazon purchase, not Prime Wardorbe.  I did make sure to read the details on the return policy though and it had free returns.  That is the only way I would order something like this from Amazon is knowing that it had a free return policy.  If you’ve ever tried to return anything to Amazon it’s not a great process.

Anyhow, the price on this ($65) wasn’t horrible and it was pretty.  It was a good material and comfortable it was just too short.  This would probably be good for anyone under 5’6″.

blue tie die romper

The Olive & Oak Women’s Fiona Romper is a pretty casual print and for something so casual at $68 a little overpriced in my mind.  It’s a pretty thin but comfortable material and not too see through with the proper undergarments.  This again was just way too short.  You may need to be under 5’5″ for this one.


The O’Neill Junior’s Marcia Romper was cute, fit good but again just too short.   I’m not one that is typically a fan of a deep v-neck but this actually had a lot of coverage and did not gape when bending over.  If that style typically turns you away this one may still work if that’s the concern.

Black romper

Last but not least is another one from my first Prime Wardrobe (BCBGeneration Women’s Pirate Blouse Romper) which you can read more details in that post.  The summary though is that this is more like a swim cover-up than real clothing.

Most of these would be perfect if you are just a little shorter than I am.  Happy shopping and hopefully you can find a romper quicker than me!

Please leave me comments if you are on the taller side and have other suggestions or have found some that work for you.


Need A Closet Update: Stitch Fix Review

One of the reasons I want to share my shopping experiences for clothes is because I have such a hard time finding things that fit me.  I dread shopping because of it.   I never considered myself that out of the norm but supposedly the average women is 5’4” and somewhere between 140 and 160 pounds.  I guess at 5’9” and BMI in the normal range (you don’t need to know every detail!!) I don’t fit the ‘norm’ that clothes are made for.  By sharing stores, brands or specific pieces that work for me and even ones that don’t, I hope I can help others on that taller side of the average take some aggravation out of shopping.

Smaller people say it’s an issue too but if something is long you can have it altered, roll up sleeves, knot the bottom of the shirt…which is apparently back in style by the way.  When you are tall you can’t magically add material to make a shirt long enough to cover your waist or rear for leggings or make a long sleeve actually long and not ¾ length or when wearing heels have the pants hit that top of foot to hang right.

Stitch Fix (1)

This was my 8th fix.  If you recall my last one didn’t go so well.   My stylist for this one, Jen, left me a nice note about reading my feedback and checking my Pinterest board and she hit the nail on the head!

While I don’t do Stitch Fix that often, maybe a few times a year, for some reason the clothes seem to fit me well.  I don’t always care for every piece but they fit.  Even my last fix, which was a far cry from cozy winter which I requested, the items fit nicely.  I suppose that’s why I keep coming back when I do ‘need’ to shop.   Believe me, many times the price tag gives me a little punch in the gut however, I am at the point now where the driving, time and aggravation isn’t worth a few dollars I may save elsewhere.   When I find something I like and that fits well I just need to roll with it.  To a degree, anyway!

I actually received this fix back in early April and was preparing to travel a lot.  I was keeping it all so I didn’t bust my rear to fit time in to get pictures of everything for a post.    The only thing I specifically asked for was a distressed pair of jeans.    I’ll say it again, I feel the more vague you can be with requests the more likely you will get something you like.

Is it too hard to ask for a pair of jeans that an hour after you put them on they aren’t stretched out so much they are practically falling off?  Did I never notice this happening before?   Is it because your body changes after kids…or because you’ve stepped it up a notch on the fitness/eating arena?  Maybe all of the above!  I don’t know but for some reason every pair I own is doing this.   The pairs I wore most often weren’t inexpensive either, I had been going to The Buckle because they have multiple lengths.  I am so tired of having to pull up or adjust my pants every time I bend over, squat or stand up.  Surely this can’t be something we just have to live with.  I don’t buy that we ‘just have to live with’ anything in life but that’s a different topic!

Stitch Fix (1)

First up is a complete outfit!  I got the distressed jeans and let me tell you they stay put!  I wear them all day and have never had to hike them up.

Jeans:  Prosperity Avalie Distressed Skinny size 28.  These have the perfect amount of distressing for me.  Not crazy but enough to feel somewhat stylish 😉

Tank:  Market & Spruce Belissa Ribbed Detail Knit Top size small.  This is a great top to have in the closet.  It can be worn in the summer alone casually with shorts or, like I have here with jeans and a cardigan or even dressier for business casual with slacks or a skirt and layering.  It’s a great length if you are taller or have a longer torso.

The style card has this pared wtih jeans and a white short sleeve cardigan.  It is also pared with a grey and white stripe skirt and jean jacket.

Cardigan:  Pixley Jann Sueded Patch Open Cardigan size small.  This is another great piece to have as you can wear it so many different ways.  The detail is hard to see in pictures but it has suede on the bottom side of the arm that goes about half way to the elbow.  It adds just a little something different.  Another plus is that it’s long enough for to wear with leggings!!

The style card has this with a white and blue tank and jean shorts as well as jeans and a frilly tank.

stitch fix2

Next up we have another top that can be dressed up or down.  This top is a heavy weight though so not one I’ll grab when it’s 90 degrees out.  The white detail pairs well with white shorts or pants but is also versatile enough to pair with jeans or other colors of shorts for dressing up or down.

Top:  Daniel Rainn RoRo Embroidered Cold Shoulder Knit Top size small.

Shorts:  These are not new and are from The Limited.

The style card has the tank paired with the same jean shorts mentioned above, cute sandals, straw hat and sunglasses.  It also has an olive skirt and jean jacket.  I’m not sure about that pairing though.

stitch fix review2

Finally we have another top that can easily be dressed up or down.  The detail on the sleeve is hard to see but it’s a pretty lace cutout from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve.  I didn’t want to add jewelry in the picture but a long necklace would be great with this top.   This can easily be paired with any type of bottom to dress up or down.

Top:  Loveappella Swindell Lace Arm Knit Top size small.

Jeans:  Calvin Klein Skinny Ankle Denim from Amazon size 28.  These were from my Amazon Prime Wardrobe box around the same time that I received this fix.   You can go back and see all of those items too in my Amazon Prime Wardrobe, Bust or Must? post.

On the style card this is paired with the same jeans mentioned above and an army green vest.  It also as another one I’m not sure about, a pink and black floral skirt.  It does have super cute pink heels with it though!

stitch fix review

At the time I was really just on the hunt for some jeans that stayed put but all of the tops in this fix ended up being great and I’ve worn them multiple times already.  I did also find other jeans at Nordstrom Rack that I will be posting about in the future!

If you’ve never tried Stitch Fix you should.  I have not had an issue with quality over the years and the brands they have really do fit well.  You can click here to schedule your next or first fix.

Disclaimer:  some links in this post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase at no additional cost to you I will receive a small referral commission.

12 Activities To Keep Little Ones Busy While On The Road

It’s summer time and that means a lot of family vacations. I love vacation but struggle with long road trips. I need to prepare for myself just as I do JP! I have more than enough always planned and ready just in case. I would much rather fly! It doesn’t usually make the day much shorter by the time you get to the airport, board, fly, get luggage and then get to your final destination but to me it’s less idle time just sitting there.


Our latest trip was the longest road trip we’d done. At one point we drove past an airport and JP said he wanted to go to the airport. I asked why and he said he wanted to fly to vacation and didn’t like driving to vacation.

Here is a list of ideas we have done or currently do as well as some ideas that I like.

My first tip is to get a cookie sheet to use as a ‘lap desk’. A few of the ideas have magnets and it also helps contain crayons or other writing utensils.

Another thing we do is that no activities come out for at least an hour.  We frequently do trips of this duration and have never prepared anything extra.  A random small toy is usually in the cubby or cup holder of his car seat but sometimes they need to learn to be patient, bored, relax or have a conversation and not always be entertained.  If he’s still taking in the scenery after a couple of hours so be it, let him soak it up.

Disclaimer:  some links in the post may contain affiliate links which means at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase I earn a small commission.

1. Puzzles
Depending on how old your little one is there are a lot of options for this. You can pick up cheap foam shape puzzles or use any wooden ones you already have. The cheap foam ones I picked up fit in a gallon size baggie so each puzzle had it’s own bag to contain the pieces.

The Dollar store also has smaller sized 24 piece puzzles and doing these on the cookie sheet works well.

12 ideas

2. Foam shapes/magnets
The Dollar store also has different foam shaped items, cars, balls, animals etc. I put magnets on the back so they stuck on the cookie sheet.

You could also grab the magnetic letters and numbers from your refrigerator to use on the cookie sheet too.

foam and sticks

3. Velcro and magnet sticks
Popsicle sticks make for great imaginative play.  Adhere magnets to some and velcro to some and the kids can build and stick to the cookie tray with endless options.

4.  Stringing activity
There are specific toys for working on the fine motor skills such has these lacing beads.

You can also DIY rather inexpensively with the same foam shapes from the dollar store and some twine, yarn, pipe cleaner or straws you already have.  Use a hole punch to make the hole in the shape and then whatever ‘string’ you have make sure there is a knot or stopper on one end.  If it’s yarn or something similar make sure to wrap the top tip with tape so it doesn’t fray (much like a shoestring).

5. Coloring
Coloring books for any age are a great way to keep busy as well as blank paper.  Older kids have fun drawing pictures for people or they can practice writing.

full list (1)

6. Water books
The Melissa & Doug water books are great for the younger kids.  Although JP still likes them.  At his age he isn’t really learning anything from them but I guess just having a picture appear with the use of water is pretty exciting.

7. Magnetic Drawing Toys
There are different brands and different sizes and options for these and it’s another toy for endless options of drawing or scribbling.  You can pick a smaller one that’s easier for travel or a larger one which may have more accessories.

8. Age appropriate activity books or printables
Stickers, color by number, dot to dot, rhyming, writing letters and numbers are all great things for the car.  Make use of the time for learning!  Education.com and myteachingstation.com are great sites for printables.  Take time and find ones that do not require much assistance from you in the front seat 😉  For color by number I circle the number in the appropriate color at home before everything is packed and that way those that can read numbers but not words can still tell what to do.

Check out my Pinterest board for more printable ideas.

all you need to keep kids busy on a

9. Wipe clean books
Usborne Books & More has some really great wipe clean books.   Beginning pen control, mazes, dot to dot, letters and more!  Check out the link and my friend Katie will take great care of you!

Other stores also have options too.

Preparing for roadtrip

10. Look & Find books
Of course you can buy look and find books such as these:

However, check your local library and get them for your trip for free!

full list

11. Scavenger hunt
This is for those a little older but there are printables with just pictures so reading isn’t necessarily required.  This is a great way to get them looking at the sights as you drive.

Free printable road trip scavenger hunts for kids includes a road sign scavenger hunt, license plate scavenger hunt, and transportation scavenger hunt. #ad #FallForPennzoil



The Resourceful Mama has a few good ones.




12. Electronics
For us electronics are the last resort.  We go through most of the above before we get to a movie.  This approach is not as peaceful for me because crayons fall, there are questions on activity pages and constant help needed to get the next activity but I want as much time as we can squeeze in to be some kind of learning.

Red, White & Blue Is Easy To Do

4th of july food

Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links which means at no additional cost to you I may receive a referral commission.

While the 4th of July is a celebration of Independence, it’s also a day most people gather and have a cookout before the fireworks. What will you bring to your gathering this year? I have 2 easy crowd favorites for you.

First up are the strawberries. I love seeing strawberries become available because it’s a sign of summer. These white chocolate covered strawberries are great because picky kids think they are getting candy but they are getting a little food that provides nutritional value too!

red white blue strawberries

When washing my produce I use my regular non toxic all purpose cleaner. The food lasts longer and you can visibly see the difference in how clean they become.  A picture doesn’t do justice to the difference so you’ll just have to trust me 😉

Red, White & Blue Strawberries

  • Servings: Roughly a pint of strawberries
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

A fun and festive 4th of July treat.



  1. Wash and dry the strawberries
  2. Add blue sugar to a narrow bowl or cup so you can get it deep for the dip
  3. Melt the chocolate per package directions
  4. Dip strawberry into white chocolate so about 1/3 of the top is still showing and then immediately dip the bottom third into sugar
  5. Place on wax paper or baking mat until hardened

Now for the Oreo pops. I’ll be honest and my tastes have changed since further cleaning up what we eat and these don’t taste the same to me anymore but I still really want to have one because who doesn’t love an Oreo?

red white blue oreo

Red, White & Blue Oreo Pops

  • Servings: Roughly a package of Oreo's
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

A fun and festive 4th of July treat.



  1. Lay out a large area of wax paper
  2. Pull/twist apart your cookies
  3. Melt a small amount of the chocolate per package directions
  4. Dip the stick in a little of the chocolate and then place between cookie pieces and put cookie back together. Be careful not to push too hard. Do this for all cookies. Let the sticks dry, this depends on the temp/humidity of your area so time will vary.
  5. Melt the rest of the chocolate in a deep bowl and dip the cookie. Be careful not to shake or tap too much as the stick may come loose. Place on wax paper. You can do a handful and then go back and add the sprinkles before the chocolate dries. Work in batches like this to make it a little more efficient.

summer party supplies

Now go have fun with your family and friends and have a fun and safe 4th of July!

The Low Down on A Reverse Canvas

You’ve seen them on Pinterest, the farmhouse style signs with a nice quote.  It looks like a nice wood frame, white background and typically black lettering.  Something you pay a pretty penny for in a store.  Guess what, don’t spend your hard earned money on them you can do it your self or ask a friend for help.

Disclaimer:  some links in this post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase at no additional cost to you I will receive a small referral commission.

farmhouse sign (1)

The supplies you need are:

  1.  Canvas – plain canvas from a craft store
  2.  Stain or paint
  3.  Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)
  4.  Craft cutting machine (I use a Cricut Expression Air 2)
  5.  Flat head screwdriver and pliers
  6.  Iron or heat press
  7.  Staple gun

Some other possible things may be wood glue and some kind of wire or hanging hook depending on where you will put it.

guide to reverse canvas (1)

My Vinyl Direct

The first thing you need to do is use your screwdriver and pliers and remove all of the staples on the back of the canvas so that the canvas is off of the frame.  I found it pretty easy to get screw driver in and pop everything up and then go back with pliers to remove them.

You will be surprised that underneath the canvas is actually a decent looking frame!

Both of the projects I did were large size so they had support going through the middle.  I used a saw and cut through one piece and then all support pieces easily slide out.  This is where you may need some wood glue depending on how sturdy your frame happens to be put together.  If you think the corners could use reinforcing add some glue to the back.

The next step is to stain or paint your frame.

When you design your quote or image remember that you are losing a couple of inches on the size of your canvas.  A canvas may be 24×36 but you are turning it into a framed piece so your design goes inside the frame.  Once you have the canvas taken apart measure inside the frame to get the dimensions of your work area.

Now you will cut your HTV.  If you need some help or reminders about working with HTV you can see my previous post on making shirts.

Vinyl & Blanks For Crafters

Once the HTV is cut you can lay it out on the canvas and use the frame to help center and make sure spacing and fit is exactly how you want it.  Move the frame to the side and with your iron or heat press adhere the HTV.

After your frame is dry and HTV is on the canvas you can re-assemble.  Flip it to the back and start stapling the canvas back on.  The first one I did I cut the canvas to size and then stapled it back on.  This was hard because you didn’t have a lot of leverage to pull it tight.  The second one I stapled on and then cut the excess off.  This was much easier.  Both did require more hands, probably because I didn’t start small.  I did a 24×36 and a 20×24 canvas.

If you are having problems with the canvas dipping down and keeping it tight you can add some books or something flat under it for support.

The back is not pretty but no one sees it 😉

My first project I leaned against the wall on the ledge in our 2 story foyer so I didn’t need anything for hanging purposes.  The second one I did hang.  I just slid some craft wire under a couple of staples and twisted them tight.  It was easy and I had it on hand.

I know you see the clear command hook in the picture and this is not it’s final spot.  This is hanging in the stair way going down to the basement and I don’t have good lighting for a picture.  This hanging spot was just to get a decent picture.

reverse canvas (1)