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  • Past Project Information

    I’ve created the new blog to go along with the new busines. To view all old posts link back to

  • So many ideas so little time

    So many ideas, so little time is my theme lately.  I find more and more that I want to be doing something that I truly enjoy, scrapbooking, making cards, sewing (I think), baking etc.  It’s not that I completely hate my job, I am very fortunate but at the same time my passion for it […]

  • Spring mantle

    Well here it is, spring already! I can’t wait for the midwest ‘spring’ to remain on the warmer side. We are in the phases were it’s in the 30’s and snowing to 60 the next day. Here is the mantle for the spring. The fish is still there. Time has gone so fast that it […]

  • Not sure

    I’m not really sure yet what this will turn into. It seems like so many people have blogs and I’ve found all kinds of creative things. I decided that I should create a blog so I can watch or follow (whatever it’s called!) instead of having a ton of bookmarks. I am just wrapping up […]

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