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  • Amazon Prime Wardrobe – Testing A New Shopping Model

    Amazon Prime Wardrobe – Testing A New Shopping Model

    I was able to test a hopefully revamped model of Aamzon Prime Wardrobe. Find out how it works, some quirks I hope get worked out and reviews on 7 items of clothing.

  • The Troubles of Clothes Shopping – Stitch Fix Reveal

    Fall has hit, more like winter already but I guess that’s the joy of Illinois weather!  As I’m sure a lot of you do this as the season changes you look in your closet and think I have nothing to wear.  As you know I’m not a fan of going to a store to shop.  […]

  • Another Stitch Fix Review

    I scheduled this post to go live on February 10th and apparently I did something wrong because it was still sitting in my drafts! ************************************************************ Although the last fix was good, it wasn’t totally what I had in mind for a quick refresh before our trip.  I requested another fix.  This time I did say […]

  • Stitch Fix Reveal

    It’s been a long time since I have received a fix.  I just purged my closet of things I haven’t worn in a year or things I wore because it was there even though I didn’t like the way it fit anymore.  It’s baffling to me how the body changes.  The number on the scale […]

  • Stitch Fix

    It’s been over a year since my last ‘Fix’ and I decided to give it another try.  Ever since JP was born I haven’t really bought many clothes for myself.  Some of my old clothes still fit and some don’t but a big problem is that I have completely different needs.  Now that I am […]

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