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  • Do I or Don’t I

    Do I or Don’t I

    Custom vinyl decals to personalize anything you can imagine. Yeti’s, wine glasses, laptops, cell phones and more.

  • 35 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know…About Me

    35 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know…About Me

    In effort for my readers to learn a little more about me I am taking part in a blogger tag   Happy reading and here I am! Are you named after anyone? My middle name is the same as my mom and grandma but that’s as close as it gets as far as being named for […]

  • Make It Monday – Fall Pumpkins

    Make It Monday – Fall Pumpkins

    It is officially fall here in the Chicago-land.  Well, maybe we skipped fall and went straight to winter.  This week it was 85 one day at 40 the next.  I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised though, the changing of the seasons typically brings on air conditioning one day and the heater the next. How do […]

  • Shirt Making – Simple Steps Anyone Can Do

    Shirt Making – Simple Steps Anyone Can Do

    Tshirts with mom quotes, beer or wine quotes and kid related images or quotes are all the rage these days.  They are super popular on sites like Zulily and Etsy. Disclaimer: some links are affiliate links where if you click through and make a purchase I will receive a small referral at no additional cost […]

  • The Troubles of Clothes Shopping – Stitch Fix Reveal

    Fall has hit, more like winter already but I guess that’s the joy of Illinois weather!  As I’m sure a lot of you do this as the season changes you look in your closet and think I have nothing to wear.  As you know I’m not a fan of going to a store to shop.  […]

  • Best Defense…Early Detection

    In a world where pink is everywhere in the month of October and donations fly out of pockets I can’t help but cringe.  Organizations talk about early detection and finding cures.  What organization or medical community talks about prevention or reducing your risk???  NONE  ( at least that I hear about)!!!  Why?  If there was […]

  • Stitch Fix Reveal

    It’s been a long time since I have received a fix.  I just purged my closet of things I haven’t worn in a year or things I wore because it was there even though I didn’t like the way it fit anymore.  It’s baffling to me how the body changes.  The number on the scale […]

  • Top Mommy Blogs

    I’m super excited to announce that my blog has been accepted into the Top Mommy Blog community!  This is a community of top mommy (and daddy too) bloggers.  There are a slew of categories that people are blogging about so it’s easy to find the different categories of blogs to suite your interests. My blog […]

  • Stitch Fix

    It’s been over a year since my last ‘Fix’ and I decided to give it another try.  Ever since JP was born I haven’t really bought many clothes for myself.  Some of my old clothes still fit and some don’t but a big problem is that I have completely different needs.  Now that I am […]

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