Category: Ben

  • Hopefully a final solution

    Well the last post about the cats and everyone winning wasn’t the last of it.  As it turns out Reese and Ben weren’t getting along as well as we thought.  Now Reese and Twix are upstairs and Ben gets the downstairs to himself.  Ben really doesn’t like them because he sits at the step in […]

  • We all win

    After a few weeks of poor Twix being tormented I think we have a solution that will keep everyone happy (for the most part).  In order to keep us happy and sleeping with out waking up to growling or snarling we moved a litter box into our bedroom and would keep Twix in with us for the […]

  • Who wins?

    I don’t know what happened while we were at work yesterday but Ben all of a sudden decided he was going to lay down the law with Twix. For the past 2 ½ weeks Twix has kind of done her own thing and not paid any attention to Ben or Reese. This whole time Ben […]

  • Moving

    Well, I am in the process of making the big move to Joe’s.  My biggest worry was the cats and how Reese and Twix would get along with Ben.  It’s been about 2 weeks and so far for cats I think it’s been pretty good.  They are still figuring each other out but the hissing and […]

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