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  • Harry Potter Trunk Or Treat

    Harry Potter Trunk Or Treat

    The big Harry Potter interest started back in 2020. Today it’s 2023, yep I’m behind in writing about it! Our first big thing we did was a trunk or treat with my MOMS Club group. Our theme that year was a Harry Potter Halloween. I will give you all kinds of tips and guide you […]

  • Splatoon2 Birthday Party

    Splatoon2 Birthday Party

    Have you ever heard of the video game called Splatoon2 or even seen any birthday party ideas around it? Nope, me either! Back in 2020 someone told us about this video game thinking JP was at the right age for it. As with most of you I’m guessing you watched way more TV than usual […]

  • Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover

    Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover

    The last 2 years were sure challenging year for many. If you are like me I am sick of talking about it so lets just leave it at that! However, I bet a lot of us did tackle projects around the house. I guess there were a few positives. What was on your list? My […]

  • Wood Block Signs

    Wood Block Signs

    I am going to take you on a long journey on how the wood block signs came to be. Back in the spring when the quarantine started everyone was busy with home projects. When you are stuck at home there is no better time to start checking things off the to-do list. We did not […]

  • Wishin’ I Was Fishin’

    Wishin’ I Was Fishin’

    I think on a daily basis the phrase Wishin’ I was Fishin’ goes through my husbands head. He can literally stay on the water fishing from sun up to sun down if he is able to. I really enjoy being in the boat on the water but I can not fish for nearly that long. […]

  • Summer Popsicle Door Sign

    Summer Popsicle Door Sign

    Where do I begin? It’s been forever since I’ve written or shared anything. As I worked on projects during this crazy time in our world I realized I’d been sharing things to Instagram but not here. I have a lot of catching up to do! The first thing to share is this super fun summer […]

  • Reversible Spring and Easter Home Decor

    Reversible Spring and Easter Home Decor

    I love having seasonal decor items that are multipurpose. This reversible spring and Easter block set is perfect for the multi-use home decor. I don’t know about you but in our area the craft or paint nights are huge. In the fall the executive board that I am on for a local MOMS Club chapter […]

  • Book Character Pumpkin

    Book Character Pumpkin

    Did you get the family project to do a book character pumpkin? We did! I think I was a little more excited than I needed to be for this project. I remember having pumpkin decorating contests in school when I was a kid. While this wasn’t a contest, it was a mandatory 1st grade family […]

  • Pillow Home Decor

    Pillow Home Decor

    I love the look of having special pillows out with the rest of your seasonal home decor. When I look at Pinterest or Instagram it always looks so nice and classy to have fun different pillow home decor. Reality though, pillows are not cheap and where do you keep them? That’s a lot of bulk […]

  • Star Wars Birthday Party – Jedi Training

    Star Wars Birthday Party – Jedi Training

    When your son says he wants a Star Wars birthday party then Jedi Training it is! Earlier this year we were at Hollywood Studios and that was really his first exposure to Star Wars. He got a kick out of meeting the characters and seeing them in the brief show they do throughout the day […]

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