The Dangers of Bleach

My initial questions I had about why do so many kids have asthma and allergies led into a spider web of information so I’ll try and keep my thoughts organized and start with some of the products in your household that are contributing to repertory issues.

First of all is bleach (chlorine bleach), it aggravates the membranes in the lower respiratory system, causing shortness of breath and wheezing. Think about everything with bleach…Clorox products, Lysol products, Tilex, Cascade etc. Do you ever really read the warning label? No, most don’t so don’t feel bad, I never did. I just went with the notion that it’s there in the store and a Lysol toilet bowl cleaner is what you use to clean the toilet. The warning labels are there for a reason, just remember that.

Here are some facts about bleach:
1. When you mix it with ammonia the gas it creates is deadly. Urine contains ammonia so using bleach in your toilet can increase the risk of a toxic gas forming.
2. When chlorine is in a gaseous form (which it is at room temperature) it’s a known cancer-causing compound and related to birth defects, miscarriage, infertility, diabetes and immune disorders.
3. Pets are more susceptible to all of this because of their small air capacity and likelihood of filling their lungs with the vapors.

Do you remember your history lessons and reading about mustard gas that was used in WWI because it was lethal…guess how you make it…mix bleach and dish soap. Are those both in your cabinet? Makes you stop and think.

Bleach doesn’t actually have any ‘cleaning properties’ so if you think you are cleaning when you use bleach you are really just taking the color out of the dirt. It does have some disinfecting properties but if a cleaning product contains bleach it’s not the bleach that’s doing the actual cleaning.


And so it begins…

My little disclaimer before I begin my with my findings…I by no means claim to be an expert. Anything you research has ‘facts’ on both sides of the debate/issue as well as 100 things in-between so you have to go with what your gut is telling you and determine what works for you and your family. Although I am educating myself on all kinds of different health related topics I still want to live outside of my home and you can’t control what your friends and family or restaurants do so yes, I will still socialize and if I use a hand soap somewhere that has a toxic ingredient or eat a non-organic apple that has been genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides then so be it. Knowing that the majority of the time when we are home and do control food and products we are making the choices we want to make that we feel are best for us.

Now, onto the real stuff…

My quest for information started when I felt like everyone (it really wasn’t everyone but sure felt like it) talked about the asthma and allergies their kids had. When I was growing up it was very rare that you knew someone with either of those let alone have multiple medications for them. My poor brother does have bad hay fever but he was about the only person I knew! Sorry Scott! Something had to have changed in what is in our environment, what we ingest or something for these to become so common. As it turns out my hunch was right…according to the Consumer Federation of America the asthma rate has tripled in the last 20-30 years. The cause…it’s some of all of the above. Obviously there will be pollutants from smog or grass, pollen etc. that a person can be sensitive to but come to find out there’s more to it. The inside of our homes are more polluted and toxic than the smoggy pollen filled air outside. In fact, a study from the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate, comparing women who work outside the home with women who work at home, found a 54% higher risk of developing cancer in women who work at home. The study concluded that this is a direct result of the chemicals in household products. The EPA states that indoor air quality is up to 5 times worse than outdoor air quality.

When you read that you think what the heck, what these big companies (Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble etc.) are advertising and selling in the stores we go to must be safe otherwise they couldn’t sell it…right… WRONG!!! Those companies have different products that they sell to different countries in Europe and Asia just to name a couple because those countries govern the ingredients in cleaning and personal care products. We have the FDA but that’s food and drug (the debate on what they truly regulate is an entirely separate one that I will get to one of these days!)

It also comes down to your diet too (as do most health concerns). Although it seems official studies and links to specifics are all still in progress the information is leaning to the fact that kids with higher rates of asthma aren’t getting the ‘whole foods’ of fruits and vegetables and instead their diets consist of a lot of processed food or fast food.

This is where my quest started and my research and education went from there so for today I think I will wrap it up. I have plenty more to say but my novel doesn’t need to be in 1 post :)

My latest project

The blog has been pretty quiet lately!  I had been on a crazy project at work which required a lot of extra time.  We also started a new endeavor with our own side business so that has taken up most of our ‘free time’ outside of our full time jobs.  We also started a new project that I’ll post pictures about soon but it entails getting a nursery ready!  Yep, the latest project on top of everything else is we are expecting our first baby. 

I know at some point I posted about not having time for the things I like to do, baking, scrapbooking etc. and I feel like I’m at that point again where I need to get back into the swing of things in doing things I actually enjoy.  I have been taken off of the crazy project at work because in a few months I will be on maternity leave so someone else is taking over the Project Manager role so there isn’t a gap for when I do leave but also just so I don’t have the stress which isn’t needed for me right now.  That was a very happy day when I found out I would be transitioning the project sooner than I anticipated!!  This allows for a less stressful work day and not the same long hours so I can get back to doing more of what I really enjoy doing in my ‘free time’. 

When we started talking about having kids it led to topics like why do so many kids have allergies and asthma these days or why do so many people seem to be sick?  As we began researching some of these things it’s what led us to our new business.  We are very passionate about how everyone can have a happier, healthier life and it’s easy!  We love to show and tell people about it so anyone who wants to listen just let me know!

I am wagering that most of my posts for now will be about some of the things we’ve learned in our research and fun projects for the nursery.  I hope everyone enjoys!