Valentine’s Day Mantle

Now that I have a mantle to decorate I thought it would be fun to have it decorated as we go through holidays and seasons.  Here is my Valentines Day decor.  It was actually kind of hard with already having a red wall so I kept it pretty simple and didn’t want to go overboard.  Also, don’t you love the fish as the nice focal point!?  Well not me 🙂  One of these days soon the fish will have a new home on a wall somewhere else in the house.  I didn’t want to move in and just take over so I’m taking it slowly with suggesting we move the fish.

I found the idea for the heart wreath at The Idea Room.  My wreath was about 12″ from top to bottom and I purchased 3/4 of a year of felt and had more than enough I didn’t count the circles either but think it was somewhere around 80.  I also took a long strip of the felt and wrapped the white foam wreath.  I put it together and if you weren’t looking at it straight on you could see the white.  I took it apart and wrapped it and put it back together again.  It probably only took a couple of hours total, not too bad.

The pictures really aren’t very good, I had been having problems with my camera and never knew how they were going to turn out!  That’s not a good thing so I’ve since then purchased a new one.


Hopefully a final solution

Well the last post about the cats and everyone winning wasn’t the last of it.  As it turns out Reese and Ben weren’t getting along as well as we thought.  Now Reese and Twix are upstairs and Ben gets the downstairs to himself.  Ben really doesn’t like them because he sits at the step in front of the gate and howls at whichever one is sitting there egging him on.  I really wish I knew what went on in their heads!

Oh, we also figured out how Twix was getting up and down.  She is going through the rungs at the ‘L’.  She always was a daredevil because that isn’t an easy maneuver.  She’s the one that will walk across the banister, climb into open ducts (lesson learned while painting once) and the list could go on.  I definitely see where the saying about how curiosity killed the cat came from!