Who wins?

I don’t know what happened while we were at work yesterday but Ben all of a sudden decided he was going to lay down the law with Twix. For the past 2 ½ weeks Twix has kind of done her own thing and not paid any attention to Ben or Reese. This whole time Ben and Reese have been ‘working things out’…as much as Joe doesn’t want to admit it I think Reese has told Ben that he’s ruling the roost. Ben must have been taking good notes because he’s taken what Reese was doing to him and has started doing it to Twix.

We were finishing dinner and Ben and Twix were in the kitchen not even near each other. Ben started meowing at her so she started growling and hissing back. Twix started to walk out of the main kitchen area but had to go past Ben to do this so in making her long way around him she ended up getting herself backed into a corner. The meowing and hissing continued and Reese came in to rescue her…he really wouldn’t do that because they just tolerate each other but alas by him coming to investigate the commotion it distracted Ben enough that Twix could slip by. As soon as Ben realized she escaped to under the table he trotted after her and kept inching his way closer. They were just a few inches apart still meowing and hissing and just as I said she’s going to whack him she did. After that she started to retreat to her favorite hiding spot behind the couch but Ben continued to follow her. We lost sight of both of them and all of a sudden heard the brawl begin behind the couch. We quickly put an end to that. I’m sure Twix can hold her own but she’s so tiny, Ben is more than twice her size!

Joe thought Ben wouldn’t let them come in and take over his house but I don’t think Ben knew what to do with other cats. Reese is 11 and Twix is 9 and I’ve had them both since they were old enough to leave their mom. They’ve had a lot of years dealing with this sibling revelry. Joe isn’t sure how old Ben is but thinks he’s around 7 so he’s had a lot of years as on only cat. They’ll eventually get each other figured out!



Well, I am in the process of making the big move to Joe’s.  My biggest worry was the cats and how Reese and Twix would get along with Ben.  It’s been about 2 weeks and so far for cats I think it’s been pretty good.  They are still figuring each other out but the hissing and growling has calmed down a lot.  Reese is actually starting to chase Ben on occasion so I’m not sure what’s going on there.  I know one of the times Reese just wanted to play because he started chasing me after Ben cowered to him so we played and ran around for a while.  With 3 cats the vacuum will definitely be used a lot more!!

This is the first time moving a house…it’s not fun.  I’ve actually done a pretty good job over the past few years of getting rid of things I really don’t use or want but still there is a lot of stuff that you can fit into a 4 bedroom home!!  We still have a few projects to finish at my house before it goes on the market and hopefully that will all be done by the end of the month.  I will just be glad when all of the packing/unpacking is done.